Bash scripts to assist in atlassian upgrades that do not support automated upgrades
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Atlassian Upgrade Scripts


If you're like me; you know how painful it can be to upgrade each time when atlassian packages a release. Over the last year or two I've slowly written helper scripts that allow me to upgrade far easier and much more simple than before.

I figured that I was not the only one with this issue so I've decided to push these to the world. Since atlassian now ships binaries for confluence and jira there is no longer a need for having scripts for those. This repository has scripts that will help you upgrade if you are running the following products on linux:

  • Bamboo
  • Crowd
  • Crucible


Fork this repository or clone the repo locally to the server where you would like to execute the scripts. Ensure that they are executable. Open each individual file and set the paths then go to the bottom and ensure that you remove items that you do not need or other pre-requisites you need. The following being what ends up taking the majority of time unless you documented each and every small modification you need to make.


From time to time these scripts will not work correctly if there is a major change in how certain files are constructed. You will need to investigate this on your own; while I attempt to always stay current on the latest versions this may be months behind at times depending on my workload in getting to these servers for an upgrade (especially since they are not public).


Consider taking some time to also improve these scripts with what you might need and others might need. Fork the repository and issue pull-requests back so that we may be able to continually improve the amount of time we spend on implementing each atlassian release.