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Pirum, the simple PEAR Channel Server Manager

Pirum is a simple and nice looking PEAR channel server manager that lets you setup PEAR channel servers in a matter of minutes. Pirum is best suited when you want to create small PEAR channels for a few packages written by a few developers.

Pirum consists of just one file, a command line tool, written in PHP. There is no external dependencies, no not need for a database, and nothing need to be installed or configured.

More information on the official website.



pirum build path/to/pear/repo

Builds the required files for the repository.


pirum add path/to/pear/repo package.tgz

Adds a package to the repository.


pirum clone-package path/to/pear/repo

Clone package will take the package from the repository and modify the channel so that you will be able to effectively mirror the package. This does not take into consideration dependent packages.

This requires your php.ini to have allow_fopen_url on.