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Push Notifications
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Zend Framework 1.x Push Notifications

This component (Zend_Mobile) allows you to send push notifications with Zend
Framework. This library currently supports:

  • APNS: Apple Push Notification Service (iTouch/iPad/iPhone)
  • GCM: Google Cloud Messaging (Android – Google)
  • MPNS: Microsoft Push Notification Service (Windows Mobile)


This project makes usage of libraries from Zend Framework for a few different

  • GCM & Mpns HTTP – Zend_Http_Client
  • Mpns Id Validation – Zend_Uri

Examples and Documentation

Examples are located in the demos folder. You will find example implementations
in the various items. The documentation is in docboook and must be merged with
the zend framework documentation tree in order to properly view it.

ZF Proposal

ZF Proposal Page: Zend_Mobile_Push – Mike Willbanks
ZF 1.12 Status Page: Zend Framework 1.12

  • Currently in RC
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