Create test sets to test different implementations of the same interface using nose in Python
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$ pip install nose-test-sets


To define your set of common tests, create a TestSetBuilder, and use add_test to add tests. Each test should accept the same name of arguments. Say you define some tests for an adder in the module adder_test_set:

from nose_test_sets import TestSetBuilder

test_set_builder = TestSetBuilder()
test = test_set_builder.add_test

def adding_zero_to_zero_returns_zero(adder):
    assert adder.add(0, 0) == 0
def adding_one_to_two_returns_three(adder):
    assert adder.add(1, 2) == 3
create = test_set_builder.create

To run the tests against a specific implementation, you create a set of tests using the create function that we defined above:

import adder_test_set

def _run_test_with_standard_adder(test_func):
    adder = StandardAdder()
    return test_func(adder)
StandardAdderTests = adder_test_set.create(

The first argument to create should be the name of the concrete test set. The second argument is a function that can run each of the test functions. In the example above, to run the tests in StandardAdderTests, nose-test-sets ends up calling _run_test_with_standard_adder(adding_zero_to_zero_returns_zero) and _run_test_with_standard_adder(adding_one_to_two_returns_three).