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Convert Python packages into a single script
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stickytape: Convert Python packages into a single script

Stickytape can be used to convert a Python script and any Python modules it depends into a single-file Python script. You can tell stickytape which directories to search using the --add-python-path argument. For instance:

stickytape scripts/blah --add-python-path . > /tmp/blah-standalone

Or to output directly to a file:

stickytape scripts/blah --add-python-path . --output-file /tmp/blah-standalone

You can also point stickytape towards a Python binary that it should use sys.path from, for instance the Python binary inside a virtualenv:

stickytape scripts/blah --python-binary _virtualenv/bin/python --output-file /tmp/blah-standalone

Stickytape cannot automatically detect dynamic imports, but you can use --add-python-module to explicitly include modules:

stickytape scripts/blah --add-python-module blah.util

As you might expect with a program that munges source files, there are a few caveats:

  • Anything that relies on the specific location of files will probably no longer work. In other words, __file__ probably isn't all that useful.
  • Any files that aren't imported won't be included. Static data that might be part of your project, such as other text files or images, won't be included.
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