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@@ -14,3 +14,17 @@ You can also point stickytape towards a Python binary that it should use sys.pat
from, for instance the Python binary inside a virtualenv:
```stickytape scripts/blah --python-binary _virtualenv/bin/python --output-file /tmp/blah-standalone```
+As you might expect with a program that munges source files, there are a few
+* Detection of imports is done using a fairly simple regex. For instance, things
+ will go horribly wrong if you use have two import statements on the same line
+ separated by a semi-colon. Similarly, imports using importlib won't be
+ detected.
+* Anything that relies on the specific location of files will probably no longer work. In
+ other words, `__file__` probably isn't all that useful.
+* Any files that aren't imported won't be included. Static data that might be
+ part of your project, such as other text files or images, won't be included.
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