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Easy to use library for ChipKIT to control WS2812 LEDs
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PIC32 Neopixel Library - PICxel

A simple to use library for addressable LEDs like the WS2812 for the PIC32 line of microcontrollers. Originally this library was a basic port of the Adafruit NeoPixel library but has evolved to be its own unique library. The PICxel library takes advantage of the PIC32 architecture and has two different operating modes for red-green-blue and hue-saturation-value.

The most exciting feature to date, is the inline HSV to GRB conversion.
This feature decreases memory usage and frees up most of the clock cycles used in the conversion.

A new feature allows for the user to manage their own memory, this is useful when using a lot of LEDs, 500+.

Much of this library is inspired by the excellent Adafruit Neopixel library made by Phil Burgess and the open source community. I owe them a great thanks. A lot of this library is a derivative of their excellent work including some functions that are verbatim. I tried to preserve the standard funcitonality of the original Neopixel Library. My Dad always told me "If it isn't broken then why are you trying to fix it?" He never actually said that but definitely should have.

The library was originally written by Marshall Wingerson.

Big thanks to Adafruit for being awesome!

tested supported boards:

  • COMING SOON! Red Lemur
  • Digilent UNO32
  • Digilent UC32
  • chipKIT Fubarino SD

The PICxel library should work with any Arduino-compatible PIC32 based board operating at 80MHz.

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