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Pimatic plugin for KNMI weather data.


This plugin provides basic weather data from the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute for 37 stations throughout the country. The following data is provided whereas some stations may provide a limited data set:

  • air temperature at ground-level
  • wind chill temperature
  • clouds overcast
  • relative humidity
  • barometric pressure
  • wind speed and direction
  • visibility


Contributions to the project are welcome. You can simply fork the project and create a pull request with your contribution to start with. If you like this plugin, please consider ★ starring the project on github.

Plugin Configuration

      "plugin": "knmi-weather",
      "debug": false,

The plugin has the following configuration properties:

Property Default Type Description
debug false Boolean Debug mode. Writes debug messages to the pimatic log, if set to true
interval 10 Number The time interval in minutes (minimum 10) at which the weather data will be queried

Device Configuration

The KNMI Weather device is provided to obtain weather data for a single location.

      "id": "knmi-1",
      "name": "Heino",
      "class": "KnmiWeather",
      "attributes": [
      "station": "Heino"

The location is defined by setting the station name which may be one of the following:

Arcen, Berkhout, Cabauw, De Bilt, Deelen, Den Helder, Eelde, Eindhoven, Ell, Gilze Rijen, Heino, Herwijnen, Hoek van Holland, Hoogeveen, Houtribdijk, Hupsel, IJmuiden, Lauwersoog, Leeuwarden, Lelystad, Maastricht-Aachen Airport, Marknesse, Nieuw Beerta, Rotterdam, Schiphol, Stavoren, Terschelling, Texelhors, Twente, Vlieland, Vlissingen, Volkel, Voorschoten, Westdorpe, Wijk aan Zee, Wilhelminadorp, Woensdrecht.

The device has the following configuration properties:

Property Default Type Description
station - String The name of the weather station
attributes "temperature" Enum The attribute to be exhibited by the device

Since pimatic version 0.9, devices can be easily created and edited using the device editor as shown in the following example.



Copyright (c) 2015-2019, Marcus Wittig and contributors. All rights reserved.