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Pimatic Plugin for WebSolarLog (WSL), an open-source data logger for PV systems -

Please provide feedback via github or pimatic-forum.


You can load the plugin by editing your config.json to include the following in the plugins section. The property interval specifies the time interval in seconds for updating the data set. For debugging purposes you may set property debug to true. This will write additional debug messages to the pimatic log. The values properties interval and debug represent the the default values.

      "plugin": "websolarlog",
      "interval": 30,
      "debug": false

Then you need to add a device in the devices section. Currently, only the following device type is supported:

  • WebSolarProduction: This type is for solar power production devices. It provides attributes for the current power produced,

As part of the device definition you need to provide the deviceName which is the name of the Production Device as it has been set via WebSolarLog Admin. You also need to provide the url for the Live page of your WebSolarLog server.

      "id": "wsl1",
      "class": "WebSolarLogProduction",
      "name": "WSL Test",
      "deviceName": "Diehl",
      "url": "",

Release History

See Release History.


Copyright (c) 2016, Marcus Wittig and contributors. All rights reserved.

GPL-2.0 License.