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BadgesEverywhere stuff Feb 10, 2019
BetterFriendCount stuff Feb 10, 2019
BetterNsfwTag stuff Feb 10, 2019
BetterPageSearch stuff Feb 10, 2019
CharCounter stuff Feb 10, 2019
ChatAliases stuff Feb 10, 2019
ChatFilter stuff Feb 10, 2019
CompleteTimestamps stuff Feb 10, 2019
CreationDate stuff Feb 10, 2019
DisplayServersAsChannels stuff Feb 10, 2019
EditChannels stuff Feb 10, 2019
EditServers stuff Feb 10, 2019
EditUsers stuff Feb 10, 2019
EmojiStatistics stuff Feb 10, 2019
ForceImagePreviews stuff Feb 10, 2019
FriendNotifications stuff Feb 10, 2019
GoogleSearchReplace stuff Feb 10, 2019
GoogleTranslateOption stuff Feb 10, 2019
ImageGallery stuff Feb 10, 2019
MessageUtilities stuff Feb 10, 2019
MoveablePopups stuff Feb 10, 2019
NotificationSounds stuff Feb 10, 2019
OldTitleBar stuff Feb 10, 2019
PersonalPins stuff Feb 10, 2019
PinDMs stuff Feb 10, 2019
ReadAllNotificationsButton stuff Feb 10, 2019
RemoveNicknames stuff Feb 10, 2019
ReverseImageSearch stuff Feb 10, 2019
SendLargeMessages stuff Feb 10, 2019
ServerFolders stuff Feb 10, 2019
ServerHider stuff Feb 10, 2019
ShowHiddenChannels stuff Feb 10, 2019
ShowImageDetails stuff Feb 10, 2019
SpellCheck stuff Feb 10, 2019
StalkerNotifications stuff Feb 10, 2019
SteamProfileLink stuff Feb 10, 2019
TopRoleEverywhere stuff Feb 10, 2019
WriteUpperCase stuff Feb 10, 2019 readmes Nov 6, 2018

These Plugins are meant only for BDv2, not BD nor BandagedBD. If you got either of those two go to Plugins.


  • BadgesEverywhere - Displays Badges (Nitro, Hypesquad, etc...) in the chat/memberlist/userpopout. Thanks for Zerebos' help.
  • Better Friend Count - Shows the amount of total and online friends and blocked users in the friends tab.
  • Better NSFW Tag - Adds a more noticeable tag to NSFW channels.
  • Char Counter - Adds a character counter to the chat.
  • Chat Aliases - Allows the user to configure their own chat-aliases which will automatically be replaced before the message is being sent.
  • Chat Filter - Allows the user to censor words or block complete messages based on words in the chatwindow.
  • Complete Timestamps - Replace all timestamps with complete timestamps.
  • Creation Date - Displays the Creation Date of an Account in the UserPopout and UserModal.
  • Display Servers As Channels - Display servers in a similar way as channels.
  • Edit Channels - Allows the user to locally change the name and color of channels.
  • Edit Servers - Allows the user to locally change the name, initials, icon and color of servers.
  • Edit Users - Allows you to change the icon, name, tag and color of users.
  • Emoji Statistics - Displays emojiinformation when hovering over an emoji in the emojipicker and adds a button to the emojipicker to open a statistics overview.
  • Fix German Translation - Fixes some minor translation errors in the german version of Discord.
  • Force Image Previews - Forces embedded Image Previews, if Discord doesn't do it itself.
  • Friend Notifications - Notifies you when a friend either logs in or out. Click the Online Friend-Counter to display a timelog of the current session.
  • Google Search Replace - Replaces the default Google Text Search with a selection menu of several search engines.
  • Google Translate Option - Adds a Google Translate option to your context menu, which will open the selected text in Google Translate.
  • Image Gallery - Allows the user to browse through images sent inside the same message.
  • Message Utilities - Offers a number of useful message options.
  • Moveable Popups - Adds the feature to move all popups and modals around like on a normal desktop. Ctrl + drag with your left mousebutton to drag element.
  • Notification Sounds - Allows you to replace the native sounds of Discord with your own.
  • Old Title Bar - Reverts the title bar back to its former self.
  • Personal Pins - Similar to normal pins. Lets you save messages as notes for yourself.
  • Pin DMs - Allows you to pin DMs, making them appear at the top of your DM-list.
  • Read All Notifications Button - Adds a little button at the top of your serverlist that enables you to clear all mentions and messagesnotifications at once.
  • Remove Nicknames - Replace all nicknames with the actual accountnames.
  • Reverse Image Search - Adds the option to reverse image search images in discord via several engines.
  • Send Large Messages - Opens a popout when your message is too large, which allows you to automatically send the message in several smaller messages.
  • Server Hider - Adds two options on your server context menu to hide servers in your server list.
  • Server Folders - Adds the option to create pseudo folders that, click the folder to hide/display all folders between two folders. Easily gets broken by moving server icons.
  • Show Hidden Channels - Displays all hidden channels that can't be accessed due to role restrictions in a new category.
  • Show Image Details - Display the name, size and dimensions of uploaded images (does not include embed images) in the chat as an header or as a tooltip.
  • Spell Check - Adds a spellcheck to all textareas.
  • Stalker Notifications - Lets you observe the status of people that aren't your friends.
  • Steam Profile Link - Opens a steam profile in steam instead of a browser when clicking the steamlink in a userprofile. With the help of square.
  • Top Role Everywhere - Adds the highest role of a user as a tag.
  • Write UpperCase - Changes the input in the textarea to uppercase.