Injects the gentelella theme and javascript files into Rails assets pipeline
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Gentelella Rails

This is mostly an experimental effort to inject the Gentelella theme into Rails assets pipeline.

My goal in building this gem was to learn:

  • how to automate bower updates
  • package up only the files needed for the gem to function in production
  • load everything up with just one or two requires in the Rails app that uses it

Beware that this gem furnishes a fairly comprehensive theme and pulls in many other libraries such as:

  • jquery and jquery_ujs
  • bootstrap-sass and font-awesome-sass
  • icheck
  • nprogress
  • moment JS
  • bootstrap date range picker
  • fastclick
  • ChartJS
  • jquery Flot
  • DateJS
  • Switchery
  • Select2
  • Parsley JS

Where possible, I utilized well-maintained Rails gems for the above. However, if the gems were out of date, I utilized the Bower supplied version.

You may also find the demo Rails 5.x project on github

Theme Demo

Gentelella Bootstrap Admin Template

Template Demo


Add the following to your Rails application's Gemfile and bundle install:

gem 'gentelella-rails'

Then perform the following:

bundle install
rails g gentelella:install

NOTE: If the generator fails to work, then make sure you stop Spring: spring stop and then try again.

Add the following to your assets/javascripts/application.js

//= require gentelella
//= require gentelella-custom

If you're working with jquery.vmap, then your application.js will look something like this:

//= require gentelella
//= require jqvmap/maps/
//= require jqvmap/maps/jquery.vmap.usa
//= require jquery.vmap.sampledata
//= require gentelella-custom

There is no need to include bootstrap-sprockets, font-awesome, jquery, etc. as these are all included via the gem when you "require gentelella"

NOTE: gentella-custom is meant to be edited! If you find things breaking from include/import lines of this file, comment out the offending lines. gentella-custom is where you can place all project-specific scripts.

Finally, add the stylesheet directives to your assets/stylesheets/application.scss

@import "gentelella";
@import "gentelella-custom";

This will pull in all necessary stylesheets including bootstrap, font-awesome, etc., which the theme uses.

gem 'gentelella-rails'


I don't have any personal plans to utilize this theme in my projects, so if this project is of interest, fork and send pull requests and I will publish!

The gem should be fairly easy to update to latest JS libraries as they come available. If the JS or CSS libraries are via a rubygem, then:

bundle update GEMNAME

If the libraries are supplied by bower then:

rake bower:update
rake bower:vendor


The original theme was developed by Colorlib and released under MIT license.


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.