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Rake tasks use deprecated Migration API #1

jamiehodge opened this Issue · 9 comments

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Several of the tasks return the following error:

undefined method `get_current_migration_version' for Sequel::Migrator:Class




Any update on this? I am getting the same.

gem 'sequel', '3.40.0'
gem 'sequel_plus', '0.4.1'

I'll take a look and get this fixed...I'm still on 3.27.0 Sequel so its been a while since I've updated Sequel.


Here's a huge hacky workaround for the Sequel Plus tasks for current_migration_version - there are others that have similar issues as well in sequel.rake:

    desc "Returns current schema version"
    task :version => :load_config do
      dir = File.join(SEQUEL_PLUS_APP_ROOT, 'db', 'migrate')
      puts "Current Schema Version: #{::Sequel::Migrator.send(:migrator_class, dir).new(DB, dir).send(:current_migration_version)}"

I finally have a sane build machine that will allow me to run the specs and bring sequel_plus up to date.


Is this project dead?


I haven't done anything with it in a while and failed to follow through on the above due to other comitments. It does need to be updated as Sequel has gone to a major new version since I last did any significant work. I'm happy to accept pull-requests with tests.


Yeah, I got a lot of input from Jeremy when developing the gem originally (he gave me a lot of advice on setting it up the best way for Sequel integration back in the day). Jeremy has since pulled the main functionality I used from the gem (the tree hierarchy stuff) into Sequel, so I haven't had a need for this gem since.

At some point, I imagine I'll eventually bring it up to date with latest Sequel release when I have something significant to contribute functionally.

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