A delightful python OCR module
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A delightful python OCR module

This is a simple module for adding quick and easy OCR processing within your python program. In addition to wrapping an OCR engine (currently, only Tesseract) it also handles file input quite liberally. Valid file input may be a string of a files path, a file object, or even a URL to a file on the web. As an added bonus, if you need to perform OCR on a PDF, this module will use GhostScript to convert the file to a PNG for Tesseract.

This module is intended for very basic OCR use and is in no way comprehensive. Right now, it is less than 100 LOC and simply calls a Tesseract subprocess.


Its on pypi!

$ pip install tesseract


You need Tesseract to use this module.


$ brew install tesseract


$ sudo apt-get tesseract-ocr


from readbot import ReadBot

rb = ReadBot()

print rb.interpret('/path/to/file/Hello_World.png')