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DONE - Change references to "toc" to "nav" or "navigation"
cache dir
rake tasks
DONE - Implement richer navigation model
each node should know about its parent
parse json into composite object?
remove first_child code?
allow id to not be present in arg list, opts default to last if hash
instead, if nav node doesn't have id, get first child's id etc.?
-- handle this logic in view helper?
Improved multi-valued faceting?
Check out -
xml = Nokogiri::XML open('swinburne.xml')
dm =>'swinburne', :label=>'Swinburne')
dm.item 'Info','teiHeader').to_xml, :type=>:xml
dm.item 'Poems' do |poems_meta|'//text').each do |poem_xml|
poems_meta.item poem_xml['n'] do |poem_meta|
Raven::XML::Fragmenter.fragment(poem_xml, 'pb') do |fragment|
poem_meta.item fragment['n'], fragment.to_xml, :type=>:xml
end{|i|i.type==:xml}.each do |item|
solr_doc = {
:author_s =>'//author').text
Add serialization and fetching to Raven::Navigation ->!
root = Raven::Navigation.fetch('swinburne-CW')
navigation = root.locate(params[:fragment_id])
@document = solr.find_by_id navigation.opts['solr_id']
Should solr docs know about nav node ids?
Should nav nodes know about solr doc ids?
Should nav node ids and solr doc ids always be the same?
Allow blank variant_id (copy of a book, for example), navigation id's are getting "swinburne--poems" instead of "sunwburne-poems"
This is a bug in NavBuilder (check for empty values before joining or compact the array)
Solidify generic Solr schema -- don't use dynamic fields?
Break-up Raven module into standard Ruby gem directory structure
Various export formats for document details view
juxta, pdf, text-only etc.
Bring back JS text diff plugin
DONE - Bug in view code -- navigation is now hash (single node root) instead of array
DONE - xslt transform failing in details view
switched to saxon (temporary)
Nokogiri doing some weird stuff