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indexing outline
*fragment* xml documents into mini solr docs
single doc rendering will be fast -- can use xsl/ruby
search results will be fast, because entire source doc/xml isn't getting parsed/transformed
complex pagination (TEI "pb") is easier to do at index time
- also simplified at render/request time too (they're just solr docs)
store xml in solr
could do file system, but solr is already storing full text
* xml is subset of source xml doc, so it's relatively small
easiest and simplest solution (just add the field)
the search results can exclude the xml field
* storage mechanism will be flexible (database, file system)
why not store solr docs with xpath pointers, instead of the xml?
each show view is loading the entire xml document -- could be REALLY large; > 10MB
view rendering is fast
processing only small fragment
table of contents/navigation
toc needs to be generated at index time
toc is JSON tree that contains labels, and solr-doc pointers; {label:"Section One", solr_id:191, children:[]}
search results have many docs for one collection, could be a UI issue
can solr group these items? field collapsing SOLR-236
store xpath pointers in solr docs, keep source intact
problem: document views are loading entire xml source; sometimes >10MB
store entire xml in solr as multiple fields (highlighting links to field, which is then TOC node)
highlighting large fields is SLOW
could create tens (hundreds?) of dynamic fields in solr