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  18. +179 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/connection.rb
  19. +73 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/document.rb
  20. +13 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/exception.rb
  21. +39 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/field.rb
  22. +19 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/importer.rb
  23. +26 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/importer/array_mapper.rb
  24. +38 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/importer/delimited_file_source.rb
  25. +27 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/importer/hpricot_mapper.rb
  26. +51 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/importer/mapper.rb
  27. +43 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/importer/solr_source.rb
  28. +35 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/importer/xpath_mapper.rb
  29. +52 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/indexer.rb
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  31. +63 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/request/add_document.rb
  32. +36 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/request/base.rb
  33. +31 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/request/commit.rb
  34. +50 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/request/delete.rb
  35. +46 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/request/dismax.rb
  36. +22 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/request/index_info.rb
  37. +51 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/request/modify_document.rb
  38. +21 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/request/optimize.rb
  39. +36 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/request/ping.rb
  40. +56 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/request/select.rb
  41. +30 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/request/spellcheck.rb
  42. +374 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/request/standard.rb
  43. +23 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/request/update.rb
  44. +27 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/response.rb
  45. +17 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/response/add_document.rb
  46. +42 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/response/base.rb
  47. +17 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/response/commit.rb
  48. +13 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/response/delete.rb
  49. +8 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/response/dismax.rb
  50. +26 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/response/index_info.rb
  51. +17 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/response/modify_document.rb
  52. +14 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/response/optimize.rb
  53. +28 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/response/ping.rb
  54. +42 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/response/ruby.rb
  55. +17 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/response/select.rb
  56. +20 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/response/spellcheck.rb
  57. +60 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/response/standard.rb
  58. +42 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/response/xml.rb
  59. +27 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/solrtasks.rb
  60. +32 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/util.rb
  61. +47 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/lib/solr/xml.rb
  62. +14 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/script/setup.rb
  63. +18 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/script/solrshell
  64. +31 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/solr/conf/admin-extra.html
  65. +21 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/solr/conf/protwords.txt
  66. +221 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/solr/conf/schema.xml
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  68. +394 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/solr/conf/solrconfig.xml
  69. +58 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/solr/conf/stopwords.txt
  70. +31 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/solr/conf/synonyms.txt
  71. +132 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/solr/conf/xslt/example.xsl
  72. +31 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/conf/admin-extra.html
  73. +21 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/conf/protwords.txt
  74. +237 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/conf/schema.xml
  75. +24 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/conf/scripts.conf
  76. +376 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/conf/solrconfig.xml
  77. +58 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/conf/stopwords.txt
  78. +31 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/conf/synonyms.txt
  79. +218 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/functional/server_test.rb
  80. +104 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/functional/test_solr_server.rb
  81. +40 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/add_document_test.rb
  82. +37 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/array_mapper_test.rb
  83. +21 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/changes_yaml_test.rb
  84. +41 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/commit_test.rb
  85. +55 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/connection_test.rb
  86. +75 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/data_mapper_test.rb
  87. +56 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/delete_test.rb
  88. +29 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/delimited_file_source_test.rb
  89. +26 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/dismax_request_test.rb
  90. +69 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/document_test.rb
  91. +48 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/field_test.rb
  92. +44 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/hpricot_mapper_test.rb
  93. +7 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/hpricot_test_file.xml
  94. +57 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/indexer_test.rb
  95. +24 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/modify_document_test.rb
  96. +51 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/ping_test.rb
  97. +61 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/request_test.rb
  98. +43 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/response_test.rb
  99. +25 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/select_test.rb
  100. +40 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/solr_mock_base.rb
  101. +26 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/spellcheck_response_test.rb
  102. +27 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/spellchecker_request_test.rb
  103. +323 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/standard_request_test.rb
  104. +174 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/standard_response_test.rb
  105. +16 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/suite.rb
  106. +2 −0  solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/tab_delimited.txt
  107. +24 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/util_test.rb
  108. +38 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/xpath_mapper_test.rb
  109. +6 −0 solr/client/ruby/solr-ruby/test/unit/xpath_test_file.xml
  110. +408 −0 solr/common-build.xml
  111. +314 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/CHANGES.txt
  112. +215 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/build.xml
  113. BIN  solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/lib/activation-1.1.jar
  114. BIN  solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/lib/mail-1.4.1.jar
  115. +52 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/solr-dataimporthandler-extras-pom.xml.template
  116. +39 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/solr-dataimporthandler-pom.xml.template
  117. +601 −0 .../contrib/dataimporthandler/src/extras/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  118. +211 −0 ...trib/dataimporthandler/src/extras/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  119. +199 −0 ...ntrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  120. +79 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  121. +84 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  122. +67 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  123. +212 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  124. +216 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  125. +352 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  126. +344 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  127. +78 −0 .../contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  128. +558 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  129. +72 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  130. +93 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  131. +284 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  132. +773 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  133. +105 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  134. +286 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  135. +261 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  136. +47 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  137. +301 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  138. +36 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  139. +133 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  140. +110 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  141. +217 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  142. +96 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  143. +51 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  144. +398 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  145. +154 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  146. +67 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  147. +59 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  148. +141 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  149. +84 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  150. +204 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  151. +100 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  152. +256 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  153. +166 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  154. +119 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  155. +90 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  156. +52 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  157. +131 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  158. +53 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  159. +135 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  160. +461 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  161. +406 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  162. +24 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/webapp/admin/dataimport.jsp
  163. +96 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/main/webapp/admin/debug.jsp
  164. +263 −0 ...ontrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  165. +62 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  166. +154 −0 ...contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  167. +91 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  168. +92 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  169. +219 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  170. +326 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  171. +83 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  172. +159 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  173. +144 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  174. +66 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  175. +157 −0 ...contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  176. +78 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  177. +250 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  178. +166 −0 ...contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  179. +70 −0 ...ontrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  180. +189 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  181. +143 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  182. +179 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  183. +188 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  184. +55 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  185. +67 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  186. +139 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  187. +207 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  188. +269 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/java/org/apache/solr/handler/dataimport/
  189. +3 −0  solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/resources/
  190. +408 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/resources/solr/conf/contentstream-solrconfig.xml
  191. +9 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/resources/solr/conf/data-config-with-datasource.xml
  192. +10 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/resources/solr/conf/data-config-with-transformer.xml
  193. +10 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/resources/solr/conf/dataconfig-contentstream.xml
  194. +404 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/resources/solr/conf/dataimport-nodatasource-solrconfig.xml
  195. +304 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/resources/solr/conf/dataimport-schema.xml
  196. +409 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/resources/solr/conf/dataimport-solrconfig.xml
  197. +5 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/resources/solr/conf/
  198. +20 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/resources/solr/conf/protwords.txt
  199. +8 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/resources/solr/conf/single-entity-data-config.xml
  200. +16 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/resources/solr/conf/stopwords.txt
  201. +22 −0 solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/src/test/resources/solr/conf/synonyms.txt
  202. +31 −0 solr/contrib/extraction/CHANGES.txt
Sorry, we could not display the entire diff because too many files (4,312) changed.
1  README 100644 → 100755
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
39 indexing-strategy.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,39 @@
+indexing outline
+*fragment* xml documents into mini solr docs
+ why?
+ single doc rendering will be fast -- can use xsl/ruby
+ search results will be fast, because entire source doc/xml isn't getting parsed/transformed
+ complex pagination (TEI "pb") is easier to do at index time
+ - also simplified at render/request time too (they're just solr docs)
+store xml in solr
+ could do file system, but solr is already storing full text
+ * xml is subset of source xml doc, so it's relatively small
+ easiest and simplest solution (just add the field)
+ the search results can exclude the xml field
+* storage mechanism will be flexible (database, file system)
+why not store solr docs with xpath pointers, instead of the xml?
+ each show view is loading the entire xml document -- could be REALLY large; > 10MB
+view rendering is fast
+ processing only small fragment
+table of contents/navigation
+ toc needs to be generated at index time
+ toc is JSON tree that contains labels, and solr-doc pointers; {label:"Section One", solr_id:191, children:[]}
+ search results have many docs for one collection, could be a UI issue
+ can solr group these items? field collapsing SOLR-236
+ store xpath pointers in solr docs, keep source intact
+ problem: document views are loading entire xml source; sometimes >10MB
+ store entire xml in solr as multiple fields (highlighting links to field, which is then TOC node)
+ highlighting large fields is SLOW
+ could create tens (hundreds?) of dynamic fields in solr
1,662 solr/CHANGES.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,1662 @@
+Apache Solr Version 1.4-dev
+ Release Notes
+Apache Solr is an open source enterprise search server based on the Lucene Java
+search library, with XML/HTTP and JSON APIs, hit highlighting, faceted search,
+caching, replication, and a web administration interface. It runs in a Java
+servlet container such as Tomcat.
+See for more information.
+Getting Started
+You need a Java 1.5 VM or later installed.
+In this release, there is an example Solr server including a bundled
+servlet container in the directory named "example".
+See the tutorial at
+$Id: CHANGES.txt 774946 2009-05-14 22:05:40Z yonik $
+================== Release 1.4-dev ==================
+Upgrading from Solr 1.3
+New users of Solr 1.4 will have omitTermFreqAndPositions enabled for non-text indexed fields by
+default, which avoids indexing term frequency, positions, and payloads, making
+the index smaller and faster. If you are upgrading from an earlier Solr
+release and want to enable omitTermFreqAndPositions by default, change the schema version from
+1.1 to 1.2 in schema.xml. Remove any existing index and restart Solr to ensure that omitTermFreqAndPositions
+completely takes affect.
+The default QParserPlugin used by the QueryComponent for parsing the "q" param
+has been changed, to remove support for the deprecated use of ";" as a separator
+between the query string and the sort options when no "sort" param was used.
+Users who wish to continue using the semi-colon based method of specifying the
+sort options should explicitly set the defType param to "lucenePlusSort" on all
+requests. (The simplest way to do this is by specifying it as a default param
+for your request handlers in solrconfig.xml, see the example solrconfig.xml for
+sample syntax.)
+Detailed Change List
+New Features
+ 1. SOLR-560: Use SLF4J logging API rather then JDK logging. The packaged .war file is
+ shipped with a JDK logging implementation, so logging configuration for the .war should
+ be identical to solr 1.3. However, if you are using the .jar file, you can select
+ which logging implementation to use by dropping a different binding.
+ See: (ryan)
+ 2. SOLR-617: Allow configurable index deletion policy and provide a default implementation which
+ allows deletion of commit points on various criteria such as number of commits, age of commit
+ point and optimized status.
+ See
+ (yonik, Noble Paul, Akshay Ukey via shalin)
+ 3. SOLR-658: Allow Solr to load index from arbitrary directory in dataDir
+ (Noble Paul, Akshay Ukey via shalin)
+ 4. SOLR-793: Add 'commitWithin' argument to the update add command. This behaves
+ similar to the global autoCommit maxTime argument except that it is set for
+ each request. (ryan)
+ 5. SOLR-670: Add support for rollbacks in UpdateHandler. This allows user to rollback all changes
+ since the last commit. (Noble Paul, koji via shalin)
+ 6. SOLR-813: Adding DoubleMetaphone Filter and Factory. Similar to the PhoneticFilter,
+ but this uses DoubleMetaphone specific calls (including alternate encoding)
+ (Todd Feak via ryan)
+ 7. SOLR-680: Add StatsComponent. This gets simple statists on matched numeric fields,
+ including: min, max, mean, median, stddev. (koji, ryan)
+ 8. SOLR-561: Added Replication implemented in Java as a request handler. Supports index replication
+ as well as configuration replication and exposes detailed statistics and progress information
+ on the Admin page. Works on all platforms. (Noble Paul, yonik, Akshay Ukey, shalin)
+ 9. SOLR-746: Added "omitHeader" request parameter to omit the header from the response.
+ (Noble Paul via shalin)
+10. SOLR-651: Added TermVectorComponent for serving up term vector information, plus IDF.
+ See (gsingers, Vaijanath N. Rao, Noble Paul)
+12. SOLR-795: SpellCheckComponent supports building indices on optimize if configured in solrconfig.xml
+ (Jason Rennie, shalin)
+13. SOLR-667: A LRU cache implementation based upon ConcurrentHashMap and other techniques to reduce
+ contention and synchronization overhead, to utilize multiple CPU cores more effectively.
+ (Fuad Efendi, Noble Paul, yonik via shalin)
+14. SOLR-465: Add configurable DirectoryProvider so that alternate Directory
+ implementations can be specified via solrconfig.xml. The default
+ DirectoryProvider will use NIOFSDirectory for better concurrency
+ on non Windows platforms. (Mark Miller, TJ Laurenzo via yonik)
+15. SOLR-822: Add CharFilter so that characters can be filtered (e.g. character normalization)
+ before Tokenizer/TokenFilters. (koji)
+16. SOLR-868: Adding solrjs as a contrib package: contrib/javascript.
+ (Matthias Epheser via ryan)
+17. SOLR-829: Allow slaves to request compressed files from master during replication
+ (Simon Collins, Noble Paul, Akshay Ukey via shalin)
+18. SOLR-877: Added TermsComponent for accessing Lucene's TermEnum capabilities.
+ Useful for auto suggest and possibly distributed search. Not distributed search compliant. (gsingers)
+ - Added mincount and maxcount options (Khee Chin via gsingers)
+19. SOLR-538: Add maxChars attribute for copyField function so that the length limit for destination
+ can be specified.
+ (Georgios Stamatis, Lars Kotthoff, Chris Harris via koji)
+20. SOLR-284: Added support for extracting content from binary documents like MS Word and PDF using Apache Tika. See also contrib/extraction/CHANGES.txt (Eric Pugh, Chris Harris, gsingers)
+21. SOLR-819: Added factories for Arabic support (gsingers)
+22. SOLR-781: Distributed search ability to sort field.facet values
+ lexicographically. facet.sort values "true" and "false" are
+ also deprecated and replaced with "count" and "lex".
+ (Lars Kotthoff via yonik)
+23. SOLR-821: Add support for replication to copy conf file to slave with a different name. This allows replication
+ of solrconfig.xml
+ (Noble Paul, Akshay Ukey via shalin)
+24. SOLR-911: Add support for multi-select faceting by allowing filters to be
+ tagged and facet commands to exclude certain filters. This patch also
+ added the ability to change the output key for facets in the response, and
+ optimized distributed faceting refinement by lowering parsing overhead and
+ by making requests and responses smaller.
+25. SOLR-876: WordDelimiterFilter now supports a splitOnNumerics
+ option, as well as a list of protected terms.
+ (Dan Rosher via hossman)
+26. SOLR-928: SolrDocument and SolrInputDocument now implement the Map<String,?>
+ interface. This should make plugging into other standard tools easier. (ryan)
+27. SOLR-847: Enhance the snappull command in ReplicationHandler to accept masterUrl.
+ (Noble Paul, Preetam Rao via shalin)
+28. SOLR-540: Add support for globbing in field names to highlight.
+ For example, hl.fl=*_text will highlight all fieldnames ending with
+ _text. (Lars Kotthoff via yonik)
+29. SOLR-906: Adding a StreamingUpdateSolrServer that writes update commands to
+ an open HTTP connection. If you are using solrj for bulk update requests
+ you should consider switching to this implementaion. However, note that
+ the error handling is not immediate as it is with the standard SolrServer.
+ (ryan)
+30. SOLR-865: Adding support for document updates in binary format and corresponding support in Solrj client.
+ (Noble Paul via shalin)
+31. SOLR-763: Add support for Lucene's PositionFilter (Mck SembWever via shalin)
+32. SOLR-966: Enhance the map() function query to take in an optional default value (Noble Paul, shalin)
+33. SOLR-820: Support replication on startup of master with new index. (Noble Paul, Akshay Ukey via shalin)
+34. SOLR-943: Make it possible to specify dataDir in solr.xml and accept the dataDir as a request parameter for
+ the CoreAdmin create command. (Noble Paul via shalin)
+35. SOLR-850: Addition of timeouts for distributed searching. Configurable through 'shard-socket-timeout' and
+ 'shard-connection-timeout' parameters in SearchHandler. (Patrick O'Leary via shalin)
+36. SOLR-799: Add support for hash based exact/near duplicate document
+ handling. (Mark Miller, yonik)
+37. SOLR-1026: Add protected words support to SnowballPorterFilterFactory (ehatcher)
+38. SOLR-739: Add support for OmitTf (Mark Miller via yonik)
+39. SOLR-1046: Nested query support for the function query parser
+ and lucene query parser (the latter existed as an undocumented
+ feature in 1.3) (yonik)
+40. SOLR-940: Add support for Lucene's Trie Range Queries by providing new FieldTypes in schema for int, float, long,
+ double and date. Range searches and term queries on such fields will automatically use the corresponding trie
+ range filter in Lucene contrib-queries and can be dramatically faster than normal range queries.
+ (Uwe Schindler, shalin)
+41. SOLR-1038: Enhance CommonsHttpSolrServer to add docs in batch using an iterator API (Noble Paul via shalin)
+42. SOLR-844: A SolrServer implementation to front-end multiple solr servers and provides load balancing and failover
+ support (Noble Paul, Mark Miller, hossman via shalin)
+43. SOLR-939: ValueSourceRangeFilter/Query - filter based on values in a FieldCache entry or on any arbitrary function of field values. (yonik)
+44. SOLR-1095: Fixed performance problem in the StopFilterFactory and simplified code. Added tests as well. (gsingers)
+45. SOLR-1096: Introduced httpConnTimeout and httpReadTimeout in replication slave configuration to avoid stalled
+ replication. (Jeff Newburn, Noble Paul, shalin)
+46. SOLR-1115: <bool>on</bool> and <bool>yes</bool> work as expected in solrconfig.xml. (koji)
+47. SOLR-1099: A FieldAnalysisRequestHandler which provides the analysis functionality of the web admin page as
+ a service. The AnalysisRequestHandler is renamed to DocumentAnalysisRequestHandler which is enhanced with
+ query analysis and showMatch support. AnalysisRequestHandler is now deprecated. Support for both
+ FieldAnalysisRequestHandler and DocumentAnalysisRequestHandler is also provided in the Solrj client.
+ (Uri Boness, shalin)
+48. SOLR-1106: Made CoreAdminHandler Actions pluggable so that additional actions may be plugged in or the existing
+ ones can be overridden if needed. (Kay Kay, Noble Paul, shalin)
+49. SOLR-1124: Add a top() function query that causes it's argument to
+ have it's values derived from the top level IndexReader, even when
+ invoked from a sub-reader. top() is implicitly used for the
+ ord() and rord() functions. (yonik)
+50. SOLR-1110: Support sorting on trie fields with Distributed Search. (Mark Miller, Uwe Schindler via shalin)
+ 1. SOLR-374: Use IndexReader.reopen to save resources by re-using parts of the
+ index that haven't changed. (Mark Miller via yonik)
+ 2. SOLR-808: Write string keys in Maps as extern strings in the javabin format. (Noble Paul via shalin)
+ 3. SOLR-475: New faceting method with better performance and smaller memory usage for
+ multi-valued fields with many unique values but relatively few values per document.
+ Controllable via the facet.method parameter - "fc" is the new default method and "enum"
+ is the original method. (yonik)
+ 4. SOLR-970: Use an ArrayList in SolrPluginUtils.parseQueryStrings
+ since we know exactly how long the List will be in advance.
+ (Kay Kay via hossman)
+ 5. SOLR-1002: Change SolrIndexSearcher to use insertWithOverflow
+ with reusable priority queue entries to reduce the amount of
+ generated garbage during searching. (Mark Miller via yonik)
+ 6. SOLR-971: Replace StringBuffer with StringBuilder for instances that do not require thread-safety.
+ (Kay Kay via shalin)
+ 7. SOLR-921: SolrResourceLoader must cache short class name vs fully qualified classname
+ (Noble Paul, hossman via shalin)
+ 8. SOLR-973: CommonsHttpSolrServer writes the xml directly to the server.
+ (Noble Paul via shalin)
+ 9. SOLR-1108: Remove un-needed synchronization in SolrCore constructor.
+ (Noble Paul via shalin)
+10. SOLR-1166: Speed up docset/filter generation by avoiding top-level
+ score() call and iterating over leaf readers with TermDocs. (yonik)
+Bug Fixes
+ 1. SOLR-774: Fixed logging level display (Sean Timm via Otis Gospodnetic)
+ 2. SOLR-771: CoreAdminHandler STATUS should display 'normalized' paths (koji, hossman, shalin)
+ 3. SOLR-532: WordDelimiterFilter now respects payloads and other attributes of the original Token by
+ using Token.clone() (Tricia Williams, gsingers)
+ 4. SOLR-805: DisMax queries are not being cached in QueryResultCache (Todd Feak via koji)
+ 5. SOLR-751: WordDelimiterFilter didn't adjust the start offset of single
+ tokens that started with delimiters, leading to incorrect highlighting.
+ (Stefan Oestreicher via yonik)
+ 7. SOLR-843: SynonymFilterFactory cannot handle multiple synonym files correctly (koji)
+ 8. SOLR-840: BinaryResponseWriter does not handle incompatible data in fields (Noble Paul via shalin)
+ 9. SOLR-803: CoreAdminRequest.createCore fails because name parameter isn't set (Sean Colombo via ryan)
+10. SOLR-869: Fix file descriptor leak in SolrResourceLoader#getLines (Mark Miller, shalin)
+11. SOLR-872: Better error message for incorrect copyField destination (Noble Paul via shalin)
+12. SOLR-879: Enable position increments in the query parser and fix the
+ example schema to enable position increments for the stop filter in
+ both the index and query analyzers to fix the bug with phrase queries
+ with stopwords. (yonik)
+13. SOLR-836: Add missing "a" to the example stopwords.txt (yonik)
+14. SOLR-892: Fix serialization of booleans for PHPSerializedResponseWriter
+ (yonik)
+15. SOLR-898: Fix null pointer exception for the JSON response writer
+ based formats when nl.json=arrarr with null keys. (yonik)
+16. SOLR-901: FastOutputStream ignores write(byte[]) call. (Noble Paul via shalin)
+17. SOLR-807: BinaryResponseWriter writes fieldType.toExternal if it is not a supported type,
+ otherwise it writes fieldType.toObject. This fixes the bug with encoding/decoding UUIDField.
+ (koji, Noble Paul, shalin)
+18. SOLR-863: SolrCore.initIndex should close the directory it gets for clearing the lock and
+ use the DirectoryFactory. (Mark Miller via shalin)
+19. SOLR-802: Fix a potential null pointer error in the distributed FacetComponent
+ (David Bowen via ryan)
+20. SOLR-346: Use perl regex to improve accuracy of finding latest snapshot in snapinstaller (billa)
+21. SOLR-830: Use perl regex to improve accuracy of finding latest snapshot in snappuller (billa)
+22. SOLR-897: Fixed Argument list too long error when there are lots of snapshots/backups (Dan Rosher via billa)
+23. SOLR-925: Fixed highlighting on fields with multiValued="true" and termOffsets="true" (koji)
+24. SOLR-902: FastInputStream#read(byte b[], int off, int len) gives incorrect results when amount left to read is less
+ than buffer size (Noble Paul via shalin)
+25. SOLR-978: Old files are not removed from slaves after replication (Jaco, Noble Paul, shalin)
+26. SOLR-883: Implicit properties are not set for Cores created through CoreAdmin (Noble Paul via shalin)
+27. SOLR-991: Better error message when parsing solrconfig.xml fails due to malformed XML. Error message notes the name
+ of the file being parsed. (Michael Henson via shalin)
+28. SOLR-1008: Fix stats.jsp XML encoding for <stat> item entries with ampersands in their names. (ehatcher)
+29. SOLR-976: deleteByQuery is ignored when deleteById is placed prior to deleteByQuery in a <delete>.
+ Now both delete by id and delete by query can be specified at the same time as follows. (koji)
+ <delete>
+ <id>05991</id><id>06000</id>
+ <query>office:Bridgewater</query><query>office:Osaka</query>
+ </delete>
+30. SOLR-1016: HTTP 503 error changes 500 in SolrCore (koji)
+31. SOLR-1015: Incomplete information in replication admin page and http command response when server
+ is both master and slave i.e. when server is a repeater (Akshay Ukey via shalin)
+32. SOLR-1018: Slave is unable to replicate when server acts as repeater (as both master and slave)
+ (Akshay Ukey, Noble Paul via shalin)
+33. SOLR-1031: Fix XSS vulnerability in schema.jsp (Paul Lovvik via ehatcher)
+34. SOLR-1064: registry.jsp incorrectly displaying info for last core initialized
+ regardless of what the current core is. (hossman)
+35. SOLR-1072: absolute paths used in sharedLib attribute were
+ incorrectly treated as relative paths. (hossman)
+36. SOLR-1104: Fix some rounding errors in LukeRequestHandler's histogram (hossman)
+37. SOLR-1125: Use query analyzer rather than index analyzer for queryFieldType in QueryElevationComponent
+ (koji)
+38. SOLR-1126: Replicated files have incorrect timestamp (Jian Han Guo, Jeff Newburn, Noble Paul via shalin)
+39. SOLR-1094: Incorrect value of correctlySpelled attribute in some cases (David Smiley, Mark Miller via shalin)
+40. SOLR-965: Better error message when <pingQuery> is not configured.
+ (Mark Miller via hossman)
+41. SOLR-1135: Java replication creates Snapshot in the directory where Solr was launched (Jianhan Guo via shalin)
+42. SOLR-1138: Query Elevation Component now gracefully handles missing queries. (gsingers)
+43. SOLR-929: LukeRequestHandler should return "dynamicBase" only if the field is dynamic.
+ (Peter Wolanin, koji)
+44. SOLR-1141: NullPointerException during snapshoot command in java based replication (Jian Han Guo, shalin)
+45. SOLR-1078: Fixes to WordDelimiterFilter to avoid splitting or dropping
+ international non-letter characters such as non spacing marks. (yonik)
+Other Changes
+ 1. Upgraded to Lucene 2.4.0 (yonik)
+ 2. SOLR-805: Upgraded to Lucene 2.9-dev (r707499) (koji)
+ 3. DumpRequestHandler (/debug/dump): changed 'fieldName' to 'sourceInfo'. (ehatcher)
+ 4. SOLR-852: Refactored common code in CSVRequestHandler and XMLUpdateRequestHandler (gsingers, ehatcher)
+ 5. SOLR-871: Removed dependancy on stax-utils.jar. If you using solr.jar and running
+ java 6, you can also remove woodstox and geronimo. (ryan)
+ 6. SOLR-465: Upgraded to Lucene 2.9-dev (r719351) (shalin)
+ 7. SOLR-889: Upgraded to commons-io-1.4.jar and commons-fileupload-1.2.1.jar (ryan)
+ 8. SOLR-875: Upgraded to Lucene 2.9-dev (r723985) and consolidated the BitSet implementations (Michael Busch, gsingers)
+ 9. SOLR-819: Upgraded to Lucene 2.9-dev (r724059) to get access to Arabic public constructors (gsingers)
+10. SOLR-900: Moved solrj into /src/solrj. The contents of solr-common.jar is now included
+ in the solr-solrj.jar. (ryan)
+11. SOLR-924: Code cleanup: make all existing finalize() methods call
+ super.finalize() in a finally block. All current instances extend
+ Object, so this doesn't fix any bugs, but helps protect against
+ future changes. (Kay Kay via hossman)
+12. SOLR-885: NamedListCodec is renamed to JavaBinCodec and returns Object instead of NamedList.
+ (Noble Paul, yonik via shalin)
+13. SOLR-84: Use new Solr logo in admin (Michiel via koji)
+14. SOLR-981: groupId for Woodstox dependency in maven solrj changed to org.codehaus.woodstox (Tim Taranov via shalin)
+15. Upgraded to Lucene 2.9-dev r738218 (yonik)
+16. SOLR-959: Refactored TestReplicationHandler to remove hardcoded port numbers (hossman, Akshay Ukey via shalin)
+17. Upgraded to Lucene 2.9-dev r742220 (yonik)
+18. SOLR-1022: Better "ignored" field in example schema.xml (Peter Wolanin via hossman)
+19. SOLR-967: New type-safe constructor for NamedList (Kay Kay via hossman)
+20. SOLR-1036: Change default QParser from "lucenePlusSort" to "lucene" to
+ reduce confusion of semicolon splitting behavior when no sort param is
+ specified (hossman)
+21. Upgraded to Lucene 2.9-dev r752164 (shalin)
+22. SOLR-1068: Use fsync on replicated index and configuration files (yonik, Noble Paul, shalin)
+23. SOLR-952: Cleanup duplicated code in deprecated HighlightingUtils (hossman)
+24. Upgraded to Lucene 2.9-dev r764281 (shalin)
+25. SOLR-1079: Rename omitTf to omitTermFreqAndPositions (shalin)
+26. SOLR-804: Added Lucene's misc contrib JAR (rev 764281). (gsingers)
+27. Upgraded to Lucene 2.9-dev r768228 (shalin)
+28. Upgraded to Lucene 2.9-dev r768336 (shalin)
+29. SOLR-997: Wait for a longer time for slave to complete replication in TestReplicationHandler
+ (Mark Miller via shalin)
+30. SOLR-748: FacetComponent helper classes are made public as an experimental API.
+ (Wojtek Piaseczny via shalin)
+31. Upgraded to Lucene 2.9-dev 773862 (Mark Miller)
+ 1. SOLR-776: Added in ability to sign artifacts via Ant for releases (gsingers)
+ 2. SOLR-854: Added run-example target (Mark Miller vie ehatcher)
+ 3. SOLR-1054:Fix dist-src target for DataImportHandler (Ryuuichi Kumai via shalin)
+ 1. SOLR-789: The javadoc of RandomSortField is not readable (Nicolas Lalev??e via koji)
+ 2. SOLR-962: Note about null handling in ModifiableSolrParams.add javadoc
+ (Kay Kay via hossman)
+================== Release 1.3.0 20080915 ==================
+Upgrading from Solr 1.2
+IMPORTANT UPGRADE NOTE: In a master/slave configuration, all searchers/slaves
+should be upgraded before the master! If the master were to be updated
+first, the older searchers would not be able to read the new index format.
+The Porter snowball based stemmers in Lucene were updated (LUCENE-1142),
+and are not guaranteed to be backward compatible at the index level
+(the stem of certain words may have changed). Re-indexing is recommended.
+Older Apache Solr installations can be upgraded by replacing
+the relevant war file with the new version. No changes to configuration
+files should be needed.
+This version of Solr contains a new version of Lucene implementing
+an updated index format. This version of Solr/Lucene can still read
+and update indexes in the older formats, and will convert them to the new
+format on the first index change. Be sure to backup your index before
+upgrading in case you need to downgrade.
+Solr now recognizes HTTP Request headers related to HTTP Caching (see
+RFC 2616 sec13) and will by default respond with "304 Not Modified"
+when appropriate. This should only affect users who access Solr via
+an HTTP Cache, or via a Web-browser that has an internal cache, but if
+you wish to suppress this behavior an '<httpCaching never304="true"/>'
+option can be added to your solrconfig.xml. See the wiki (or the
+example solrconfig.xml) for more details...
+In Solr 1.2, DateField did not enforce the canonical representation of
+the ISO 8601 format when parsing incoming data, and did not generation
+the canonical format when generating dates from "Date Math" strings
+(particularly as it pertains to milliseconds ending in trailing zeros)
+-- As a result equivalent dates could not always be compared properly.
+This problem is corrected in Solr 1.3, but DateField users that might
+have been affected by indexing inconsistent formats of equivilent
+dates (ie: 1995-12-31T23:59:59Z vs 1995-12-31T23:59:59.000Z) may want
+to consider reindexing to correct these inconsistencies. Users who
+depend on some of the the "broken" behavior of DateField in Solr 1.2
+(specificly: accepting any input that ends in a 'Z') should consider
+using the LegacyDateField class as a possible alternative. Users that
+desire 100% backwards compatibility should consider using the Solr 1.2
+version of DateField.
+Due to some changes in the lifecycle of TokenFilterFactories, users of
+Solr 1.2 who have written Java code which constructs new instances of
+StopFilterFactory, SynonymFilterFactory, or EnglishProterFilterFactory
+will need to modify their code by adding a line like the following
+prior to using the factory object...
+ factory.inform(SolrCore.getSolrCore().getSolrConfig().getResourceLoader());
+These lifecycle changes do not affect people who use Solr "out of the
+box" or who have developed their own TokenFilterFactory plugins. More
+info can be found in SOLR-594.
+The python client that used to ship with Solr is no longer included in
+the distribution (see client/python/README.txt).
+Detailed Change List
+New Features
+ 1. SOLR-69: Adding MoreLikeThisHandler to search for similar documents using
+ lucene contrib/queries MoreLikeThis. MoreLikeThis is also available from
+ the StandardRequestHandler using ?mlt=true. (bdelacretaz, ryan)
+ 2. SOLR-253: Adding KeepWordFilter and KeepWordFilterFactory. A TokenFilter
+ that keeps tokens with text in the registered keeplist. This behaves like
+ the inverse of StopFilter. (ryan)
+ 3. SOLR-257: WordDelimiterFilter has a new parameter splitOnCaseChange,
+ which can be set to 0 to disable splitting "PowerShot" => "Power" "Shot".
+ (klaas)
+ 4. SOLR-193: Adding SolrDocument and SolrInputDocument to represent documents
+ outside of the lucene Document infrastructure. This class will be used
+ by clients and for processing documents. (ryan)
+ 5. SOLR-244: Added ModifiableSolrParams - a SolrParams implementation that
+ help you change values after initialization. (ryan)
+ 6. SOLR-20: Added a java client interface with two implementations. One
+ implementation uses commons httpclient to connect to solr via HTTP. The
+ other connects to solr directly. Check client/java/solrj. This addition
+ also includes tests that start jetty and test a connection using the full
+ HTTP request cycle. (Darren Erik Vengroff, Will Johnson, ryan)
+ 7. SOLR-133: Added StaxUpdateRequestHandler that uses StAX for XML parsing.
+ This implementation has much better error checking and lets you configure
+ a custom UpdateRequestProcessor that can selectively process update
+ requests depending on the request attributes. This class will likely
+ replace XmlUpdateRequestHandler. (Thorsten Scherler, ryan)
+ 8. SOLR-264: Added RandomSortField, a utility field with a random sort order.
+ The seed is based on a hash of the field name, so a dynamic field
+ of this type is useful for generating different random sequences.
+ This field type should only be used for sorting or as a value source
+ in a FunctionQuery (ryan, hossman, yonik)
+ 9. SOLR-266: Adding show=schema to LukeRequestHandler to show the parsed
+ schema fields and field types. (ryan)
+10. SOLR-133: The UpdateRequestHandler now accepts multiple delete options
+ within a single request. For example, sending:
+ <delete><id>1</id><id>2</id></delete> will delete both 1 and 2. (ryan)
+11. SOLR-269: Added UpdateRequestProcessor plugin framework. This provides
+ a reasonable place to process documents after they are parsed and
+ before they are committed to the index. This is a good place for custom
+ document manipulation or document based authorization. (yonik, ryan)
+12. SOLR-260: Converting to a standard PluginLoader framework. This reworks
+ RequestHandlers, FieldTypes, and QueryResponseWriters to share the same
+ base code for loading and initializing plugins. This adds a new
+ configuration option to define the default RequestHandler and
+ QueryResponseWriter in XML using default="true". (ryan)
+13. SOLR-225: Enable pluggable highlighting classes. Allow configurable
+ highlighting formatters and Fragmenters. (ryan)
+14. SOLR-273/376/452/516: Added hl.maxAnalyzedChars highlighting parameter, defaulting
+ to 50k, hl.alternateField, which allows the specification of a backup
+ field to use as summary if no keywords are matched, and hl.mergeContiguous,
+ which combines fragments if they are adjacent in the source document.
+ (klaas, Grant Ingersoll, Koji Sekiguchi via klaas)
+15. SOLR-291: Control maximum number of documents to cache for any entry
+ in the queryResultCache via queryResultMaxDocsCached solrconfig.xml
+ entry. (Koji Sekiguchi via yonik)
+16. SOLR-240: New <lockType> configuration setting in <mainIndex> and
+ <indexDefaults> blocks supports all Lucene builtin LockFactories.
+ 'single' is recommended setting, but 'simple' is default for total
+ backwards compatibility.
+ (Will Johnson via hossman)
+17. SOLR-248: Added CapitalizationFilterFactory that creates tokens with
+ normalized capitalization. This filter is useful for facet display,
+ but will not work with a prefix query. (ryan)
+ SOLR-468: Change to the semantics to keep the original token, not the
+ token in the Map. Also switched to use Lucene's new reusable token
+ capabilities. (gsingers)
+18. SOLR-307: Added NGramFilterFactory and EdgeNGramFilterFactory.
+ (Thomas Peuss via Otis Gospodnetic)
+19. SOLR-305: analysis.jsp can be given a fieldtype instead of a field
+ name. (hossman)
+20. SOLR-102: Added RegexFragmenter, which splits text for highlighting
+ based on a given pattern. (klaas)
+21. SOLR-258: Date Faceting added to SimpleFacets. Facet counts
+ computed for ranges of size (a DateMath expression)
+ between and (hossman)
+22. SOLR-196: A PHP serialized "phps" response writer that returns a
+ serialized array that can be used with the PHP function unserialize,
+ and a PHP response writer "php" that may be used by eval.
+ (Nick Jenkin, Paul Borgermans, Pieter Berkel via yonik)
+23. SOLR-308: A new UUIDField class which accepts UUID string values,
+ as well as the special value of "NEW" which triggers generation of
+ a new random UUID.
+ (Thomas Peuss via hossman)
+24. SOLR-349: New FunctionQuery functions: sum, product, div, pow, log,
+ sqrt, abs, scale, map. Constants may now be used as a value source.
+ (yonik)
+25. SOLR-359: Add field type className to Luke response, and enabled access
+ to the detailed field information from the solrj client API.
+ (Grant Ingersoll via ehatcher)
+26. SOLR-334: Pluggable query parsers. Allows specification of query
+ type and arguments as a prefix on a query string. (yonik)
+27. SOLR-351: External Value Source. An external file may be used
+ to specify the values of a field, currently usable as
+ a ValueSource in a FunctionQuery. (yonik)
+28. SOLR-395: Many new features for the spell checker implementation, including
+ an extended response mode with much richer output, multi-word spell checking,
+ and a bevy of new and renamed options (see the wiki).
+ (Mike Krimerman, Scott Taber via klaas).
+29. SOLR-408: Added PingRequestHandler and deprecated SolrCore.getPingQueryRequest().
+ Ping requests should be configured using standard RequestHandler syntax in
+ solrconfig.xml rather then using the <pingQuery></pingQuery> syntax.
+ (Karsten Sperling via ryan)
+30. SOLR-281: Added a 'Search Component' interface and converted StandardRequestHandler
+ and DisMaxRequestHandler to use this framework.
+ (Sharad Agarwal, Henri Biestro, yonik, ryan)
+31. SOLR-176: Add detailed timing data to query response output. The SearchHandler
+ interface now returns how long each section takes. (klaas)
+32. SOLR-414: Plugin initialization now supports SolrCore and ResourceLoader "Aware"
+ plugins. Plugins that implement SolrCoreAware or ResourceLoaderAware are
+ informed about the SolrCore/ResourceLoader. (Henri Biestro, ryan)
+33. SOLR-350: Support multiple SolrCores running in the same solr instance and allows
+ runtime runtime management for any running SolrCore. If a solr.xml file exists
+ in solr.home, this file is used to instanciate multiple cores and enables runtime
+ core manipulation. For more informaion see:
+ (Henri Biestro, ryan)
+34. SOLR-447: Added an single request handler that will automatically register all
+ standard admin request handlers. This replaces the need to register (and maintain)
+ the set of admin request handlers. Assuming solrconfig.xml includes:
+ <requestHandler name="/admin/" class="org.apache.solr.handler.admin.AdminHandlers" />
+ This will register: Luke/SystemInfo/PluginInfo/ThreadDump/PropertiesRequestHandler.
+ (ryan)
+35. SOLR-142: Added RawResponseWriter and ShowFileRequestHandler. This returns config
+ files directly. If AdminHandlers are configured, this will be added automatically.
+ The jsp files /admin/get-file.jsp and /admin/raw-schema.jsp have been deprecated.
+ The deprecated <admin><gettableFiles> will be automatically registered with
+ a ShowFileRequestHandler instance for backwards compatibility. (ryan)
+36. SOLR-446: TextResponseWriter can write SolrDocuments and SolrDocumentLists the
+ same way it writes Document and DocList. (yonik, ryan)
+37. SOLR-418: Adding a query elevation component. This is an optional component to
+ elevate some documents to the top positions (or exclude them) for a given query.
+ (ryan)
+38. SOLR-478: Added ability to get back unique key information from the LukeRequestHandler.
+ (gsingers)
+39. SOLR-127: HTTP Caching awareness. Solr now recognizes HTTP Request
+ headers related to HTTP Caching (see RFC 2616 sec13) and will respond
+ with "304 Not Modified" when appropriate. New options have been added
+ to solrconfig.xml to influence this behavior.
+ (Thomas Peuss via hossman)
+40. SOLR-303: Distributed Search over HTTP. Specification of shards
+ argument causes Solr to query those shards and merge the results
+ into a single response. Querying, field faceting (sorted only),
+ query faceting, highlighting, and debug information are supported
+ in distributed mode.
+ (Sharad Agarwal, Patrick O'Leary, Sabyasachi Dalal, Stu Hood,
+ Jayson Minard, Lars Kotthoff, ryan, yonik)
+41. SOLR-356: Pluggable functions (value sources) that allow
+ registration of new functions via solrconfig.xml
+ (Doug Daniels via yonik)
+42. SOLR-494: Added cool admin Ajaxed schema explorer.
+ (Greg Ludington via ehatcher)
+43. SOLR-497: Added date faceting to the QueryResponse in SolrJ
+ and QueryResponseTest (Shalin Shekhar Mangar via gsingers)
+44. SOLR-486: Binary response format, faster and smaller
+ than XML and JSON response formats (use wt=javabin).
+ BinaryResponseParser for utilizing the binary format via SolrJ
+ and is now the default.
+ (Noble Paul, yonik)
+45. SOLR-521: StopFilterFactory support for "enablePositionIncrements"
+ (Walter Ferrara via hossman)
+46. SOLR-557: Added SolrCore.getSearchComponents() to return an unmodifiable Map. (gsingers)
+47. SOLR-516: Added hl.maxAlternateFieldLength parameter, to set max length for hl.alternateField
+ (Koji Sekiguchi via klaas)
+48. SOLR-319: Changed SynonymFilterFactory to "tokenize" synonyms file.
+ To use a tokenizer, specify "tokenizerFactory" attribute in <filter>.
+ For example:
+ <tokenizer class="solr.CJKTokenizerFactory"/>
+ <filter class="solr.SynonymFilterFactory" synonyms="synonyms.txt" expand="true"
+ ignoreCase="true" tokenizerFactory="solr.CJKTokenizerFactory"/>
+ (koji)
+49. SOLR-515: Added SimilarityFactory capability to schema.xml,
+ making config file parameters usable in the construction of
+ the global Lucene Similarity implementation.
+ (ehatcher)
+50. SOLR-536: Add a DocumentObjectBinder to solrj that converts Objects to and
+ from SolrDocuments. (Noble Paul via ryan)
+51. SOLR-595: Add support for Field level boosting in the MoreLikeThis Handler.
+ (Tom Morton, gsingers)
+52. SOLR-572: Added SpellCheckComponent and org.apache.solr.spelling package to support more spell
+ checking functionality. Also includes ability to add your own SolrSpellChecker implementation that
+ plugs in. See for more details
+ (Shalin Shekhar Mangar, Bojan Smid, gsingers)
+53. SOLR-679: Added accessor methods to Lucene based spell checkers (gsingers)
+54. SOLR-423: Added Request Handler close hook notification so that RequestHandlers can be notified
+ when a core is closing. (gsingers, ryan)
+55. SOLR-603: Added ability to partially optimize. (gsingers)
+56. SOLR-483: Add byte/short sorting support (gsingers)
+57. SOLR-14: Add preserveOriginal flag to WordDelimiterFilter
+ (Geoffrey Young, Trey Hyde, Ankur Madnani, yonik)
+58. SOLR-502: Add search timeout support. (Sean Timm via yonik)
+59. SOLR-605: Add the ability to register callbacks programatically (ryan, Noble Paul)
+60. SOLR-610: hl.maxAnalyzedChars can be -1 to highlight everything (Lars Kotthoff via klaas)
+61. SOLR-522: Make analysis.jsp show payloads. (Tricia Williams via yonik)
+62. SOLR-611: Expose sort_values returned by QueryComponent in SolrJ's QueryResponse
+ (Dan Rosher via shalin)
+63. SOLR-256: Support exposing Solr statistics through JMX (Sharad Agrawal, shalin)
+64. SOLR-666: Expose warmup time in statistics for SolrIndexSearcher and LRUCache (shalin)
+65. SOLR-663: Allow multiple files for stopwords, keepwords, protwords and synonyms
+ (Otis Gospodnetic, shalin)
+66. SOLR-469: Added DataImportHandler as a contrib project which makes indexing data from Databases,
+ XML files and HTTP data sources into Solr quick and easy. Includes API and implementations for
+ supporting multiple data sources, processors and transformers for importing data. Supports full
+ data imports as well as incremental (delta) indexing. See
+ for more details. (Noble Paul, shalin)
+67. SOLR-622: SpellCheckComponent supports auto-loading indices on startup and optionally, (re)builds
+ indices on newSearcher event, if configured in solrconfig.xml (shalin)
+68. SOLR-554: Hierarchical JDK log level selector for SOLR Admin replaces logging.jsp
+ (Sean Timm via shalin)
+69. SOLR-506: Emitting HTTP Cache headers can be enabled or disabled through configuration on a
+ per-handler basis (shalin)
+70. SOLR-716: Added support for properties in configuration files. Properties can be specified in
+ solr.xml and can be used in solrconfig.xml and schema.xml (Henri Biestro, hossman, ryan, shalin)
+Changes in runtime behavior
+ 1. SOLR-559: use Lucene updateDocument, deleteDocuments methods. This
+ removes the maxBufferedDeletes parameter added by SOLR-310 as Lucene
+ now manages the deletes. This provides slightly better indexing
+ performance and makes overwrites atomic, eliminating the possibility of
+ a crash causing duplicates. (yonik)
+ 2. SOLR-689 / SOLR-695: If you have used "MultiCore" functionality in an unreleased
+ version of 1.3-dev, many classes and configs have been renamed for the official
+ 1.3 release. Speciffically, solr.xml has replaced multicore.xml, and uses a slightly
+ different syntax. The solrj classes: MultiCore{Request/Response/Params} have been
+ renamed: CoreAdmin{Request/Response/Params} (hossman, ryan, Henri Biestro)
+ 3. SOLR-647: reference count the SolrCore uses to prevent a premature
+ close while a core is still in use. (Henri Biestro, Noble Paul, yonik)
+ 4. SOLR-737: SolrQueryParser now uses a ConstantScoreQuery for wildcard
+ queries that prevent an exception from being thrown when the number
+ of matching terms exceeds the BooleanQuery clause limit. (yonik)
+ 1. SOLR-276: improve JSON writer speed. (yonik)
+ 2. SOLR-310: bound and reduce memory usage by providing <maxBufferedDeletes> parameter,
+ which flushes deleted without forcing the user to use <commit/> for this purpose.
+ (klaas)
+ 3. SOLR-348: short-circuit faceting if less than mincount docs match. (yonik)
+ 4. SOLR-354: Optimize removing all documents. Now when a delete by query
+ of *:* is issued, the current index is removed. (yonik)
+ 5. SOLR-377: Speed up response writers. (yonik)
+ 6. SOLR-342: Added support into the SolrIndexWriter for using several new features of the new
+ LuceneIndexWriter, including: setRAMBufferSizeMB(), setMergePolicy(), setMergeScheduler.
+ Also, added support to specify Lucene's autoCommit functionality (not to be confused with Solr's
+ similarily named autoCommit functionality) via the <luceneAutoCommit> config. item. See the test
+ and example solrconfig.xml <indexDefaults> section for usage. Performance during indexing should
+ be significantly increased by moving up to 2.3 due to Lucene's new indexing capabilities.
+ Furthermore, the setRAMBufferSizeMB makes it more logical to decide on tuning factors related to
+ indexing. For best performance, leave the mergePolicy and mergeScheduler as the defaults and set
+ ramBufferSizeMB instead of maxBufferedDocs. The best value for this depends on the types of
+ documents in use. 32 should be a good starting point, but reports have shown up to 48 MB provides
+ good results. Note, it is acceptable to set both ramBufferSizeMB and maxBufferedDocs, and Lucene
+ will flush based on whichever limit is reached first. (gsingers)
+ 7. SOLR-330: Converted TokenStreams to use Lucene's new char array based
+ capabilities. (gsingers)
+ 8. SOLR-624: Only take snapshots if there are differences to the index (Richard Trey Hyde via gsingers)
+ 9. SOLR-587: Delete by Query performance greatly improved by using
+ new underlying Lucene IndexWriter implementation. (yonik)
+10. SOLR-730: Use read-only IndexReaders that don't synchronize
+ isDeleted(). This will speed up function queries and *:* queries
+ as well as improve their scalability on multi-CPU systems.
+ (Mark Miller via yonik)
+Bug Fixes
+ 1. Make TextField respect sortMissingFirst and sortMissingLast fields.
+ (J.J. Larrea via yonik)
+ 2. autoCommit/maxDocs was not working properly when large autoCommit/maxTime
+ was specified (klaas)
+ 3. SOLR-283: autoCommit was not working after delete. (ryan)
+ 4. SOLR-286: ContentStreamBase was not using default encoding for getBytes()
+ (Toru Matsuzawa via ryan)
+ 5. SOLR-292: Fix MoreLikeThis facet counting. (Pieter Berkel via ryan)
+ 6. SOLR-297: Fix bug in RequiredSolrParams where requiring a field
+ specific param would fail if a general default value had been supplied.
+ (hossman)
+ 7. SOLR-331: Fix WordDelimiterFilter handling of offsets for synonyms or
+ other injected tokens that can break highlighting. (yonik)
+ 8. SOLR-282: Snapshooter does not work on Solaris and OS X since the cp command
+ there does not have the -l option. Also updated commit/optimize related
+ scripts to handle both old and new response format. (bill)
+ 9. SOLR-294: Logging of elapsed time broken on Solaris because the date command
+ there does not support the %s output format. (bill)
+10. SOLR-136: Snappuller - "date -d" and locales don't mix. (J??rgen Hermann via bill)
+11. SOLR-333: Changed distributiondump.jsp to use Solr HOME instead of CWD to set path.
+12. SOLR-393: Removed duplicate contentType from raw-schema.jsp. (bill)
+13. SOLR-413: Requesting a large numbers of documents to be returned (limit)
+ can result in an out-of-memory exception, even for a small index. (yonik)
+14. The CSV loader incorrectly threw an exception when given
+ header=true (the default). (ryan, yonik)
+15. SOLR-449: the python and ruby response writers are now able to correctly
+ output NaN and Infinity in their respective languages. (klaas)
+16. SOLR-42: HTMLStripReader tokenizers now preserve correct source
+ offsets for highlighting. (Grant Ingersoll via yonik)
+17. SOLR-481: Handle UnknownHostException in _info.jsp (gsingers)
+18. SOLR-324: Add proper support for Long and Doubles in sorting, etc. (gsingers)
+19. SOLR-496: Cache-Control max-age changed to Long so Expires
+ calculation won't cause overflow. (Thomas Peuss via hossman)
+20. SOLR-535: Fixed typo (Tokenzied -> Tokenized) in schema.jsp (Thomas Peuss via billa)
+21. SOLR-529: Better error messages from SolrQueryParser when field isn't
+ specified and there is no defaultSearchField in schema.xml
+ (Lars Kotthoff via hossman)
+22. SOLR-530: Better error messages/warnings when parsing schema.xml:
+ field using bogus fieldtype and multiple copyFields to a non-multiValue
+ field. (Shalin Shekhar Mangar via hossman)
+23. SOLR-528: Better error message when defaultSearchField is bogus or not
+ indexed. (Lars Kotthoff via hossman)
+24. SOLR-533: Fixed tests so they don't use hardcoded port numbers.
+ (hossman)
+25. SOLR-400: SolrExceptionTest should now handle using OpenDNS as a DNS provider (gsingers)
+26. SOLR-541: Legacy XML update support (provided by SolrUpdateServlet
+ when no RequestHandler is mapped to "/update") now logs error correctly.
+ (hossman)
+27. SOLR-267: Changed logging to report number of hits, and also provide a mechanism to add log
+ messages to be output by the SolrCore via a NamedList toLog member variable.
+ (Will Johnson, yseeley, gsingers)
+ SOLR-267: Removed adding values to the HTTP headers in SolrDispatchFilter (gsingers)
+28. SOLR-509: Moved firstSearcher event notification to the end of the SolrCore constructor
+ (Koji Sekiguchi via gsingers)
+29. SOLR-470, SOLR-552, SOLR-544, SOLR-701: Multiple fixes to DateField
+ regarding lenient parsing of optional milliseconds, and correct
+ formating using the canonical representation. LegacyDateField has
+ been added for people who have come to depend on the existing
+ broken behavior. (hossman, Stefan Oestreicher)
+30. SOLR-539: Fix for non-atomic long counters and a cast fix to avoid divide
+ by zero. (Sean Timm via Otis Gospodnetic)
+31. SOLR-514: Added explicit media-type with UTF* charset to *.xsl files that
+ don't already have one. (hossman)
+32. SOLR-505: Give RequestHandlers the possiblity to suppress the generation
+ of HTTP caching headers. (Thomas Peuss via Otis Gospodnetic)
+33. SOLR-553: Handle highlighting of phrase terms better when
+ hl.usePhraseHighligher=true URL param is used.
+ (Bojan Smid via Otis Gospodnetic)
+34. SOLR-590: Limitation in pgrep on Linux platform breaks script-utils fixUser.
+ (Hannes Schmidt via billa)
+35. SOLR-597: SolrServlet no longer "caches" SolrCore. This was causing
+ problems in Resin, and could potentially cause problems for customized
+ usages of SolrServlet.
+36. SOLR-585: Now sets the QParser on the ResponseBuilder (gsingers)
+37. SOLR-604: If the spellchecking path is relative, make it relative to the Solr Data Directory.
+ (Shalin Shekhar Mangar via gsingers)
+38. SOLR-584: Make stats.jsp and stats.xsl more robust.
+ (Yousef Ourabi and hossman)
+39. SOLR-443: SolrJ: Declare UTF-8 charset on POSTed parameters
+ to avoid problems with servlet containers that default to latin-1
+ and allow switching of the exact POST mechanism for parameters
+ via useMultiPartPost in CommonsHttpSolrServer.
+ (Lars Kotthoff, Andrew Schurman, ryan, yonik)
+40. SOLR-556: multi-valued fields always highlighted in disparate snippets
+ (Lars Kotthoff via klaas)
+41. SOLR-501: Fix admin/analysis.jsp UTF-8 input for some other servlet
+ containers such as Tomcat. (Hiroaki Kawai, Lars Kotthoff via yonik)
+42. SOLR-616: SpellChecker accuracy configuration is not applied for FileBasedSpellChecker.
+ Apply it for FileBasedSpellChecker and IndexBasedSpellChecker both.
+ (shalin)
+43. SOLR-648: SpellCheckComponent throws NullPointerException on using spellcheck.q request
+ parameter after restarting Solr, if reload is called but build is not called.
+ (Jonathan Lee, shalin)
+44. SOLR-598: DebugComponent now always occurs last in the SearchHandler list unless the
+ components are explicitly declared. (gsingers)
+45. SOLR-676: DataImportHandler should use UpdateRequestProcessor API instead of directly
+ using UpdateHandler. (shalin)
+46. SOLR-696: Fixed bug in NamedListCodec in regards to serializing Iterable objects. (gsingers)
+47. SOLR-669: snappuler fix for FreeBSD/Darwin (Richard "Trey" Hyde via Otis Gospodnetic)
+48. SOLR-606: Fixed spell check collation offset issue. (Stefan Oestreicher , Geoffrey Young, gsingers)
+49. SOLR-589: Improved handling of badly formated query strings (Sean Timm via Otis Gospodnetic)
+50. SOLR-749: Allow QParser and ValueSourceParsers to be extended with same name (hossman, gsingers)
+Other Changes
+ 1. SOLR-135: Moved common classes to org.apache.solr.common and altered the
+ build scripts to make two jars: apache-solr-1.3.jar and
+ apache-solr-1.3-common.jar. This common.jar can be used in client code;
+ It does not have lucene or junit dependencies. The original classes
+ have been replaced with a @Deprecated extended class and are scheduled
+ to be removed in a later release. While this change does not affect API
+ compatibility, it is recommended to update references to these
+ deprecated classes. (ryan)
+ 2. SOLR-268: Tweaks to post.jar so it prints the error message from Solr.
+ (Brian Whitman via hossman)
+ 3. Upgraded to Lucene 2.2.0; June 18, 2007.
+ 4. SOLR-215: Static access to SolrCore.getSolrCore() and SolrConfig.config
+ have been deprecated in order to support multiple loaded cores.
+ (Henri Biestro via ryan)
+ 5. SOLR-367: The create method in all TokenFilter and Tokenizer Factories
+ provided by Solr now declare their specific return types instead of just
+ using "TokenStream" (hossman)
+ 6. SOLR-396: Hooks add to build system for automatic generation of (stub)
+ Tokenizer and TokenFilter Factories.
+ Also: new Factories for all Tokenizers and TokenFilters provided by the
+ lucene-analyzers-2.2.0.jar -- includes support for German, Chinese,
+ Russan, Dutch, Greek, Brazilian, Thai, and French. (hossman)
+ 7. Upgraded to commons-CSV r609327, which fixes escaping bugs and
+ introduces new escaping and whitespace handling options to
+ increase compatibility with different formats. (yonik)
+ 8. Upgraded to Lucene 2.3.0; Jan 23, 2008.
+ 9. SOLR-451: Changed analysis.jsp to use POST instead of GET, also made the input area a
+ bit bigger (gsingers)
+10. Upgrade to Lucene 2.3.1
+11. SOLR-531: Different exit code for rsyncd-start and snappuller if disabled (Thomas Peuss via billa)
+12. SOLR-550: Clarified DocumentBuilder addField javadocs (gsingers)
+13. Upgrade to Lucene 2.3.2
+14. SOLR-518: Changed luke.xsl to use divs w/css for generating histograms
+ instead of SVG (Thomas Peuss via hossman)
+15. SOLR-592: Added ShardParams interface and changed several string literals
+ to references to constants in CommonParams.
+ (Lars Kotthoff via Otis Gospodnetic)
+16. SOLR-520: Deprecated unused LengthFilter since already core in
+ Lucene-Java (hossman)
+17. SOLR-645: Refactored SimpleFacetsTest (Lars Kotthoff via hossman)
+18. SOLR-591: Changed Solrj default value for facet.sort to true (Lars Kotthoff via Shalin)
+19. Upgraded to Lucene 2.4-dev (r669476) to support SOLR-572 (gsingers)
+20. SOLR-636: Improve/simplify example configs; and make index.jsp
+ links more resilient to configs loaded via an InputStream
+ (Lars Kotthoff, hossman)
+21. SOLR-682: Scripts now support FreeBSD (Richard Trey Hyde via gsingers)
+22. SOLR-489: Added in deprecation comments. (Sean Timm, Lars Kothoff via gsingers)
+23. SOLR-692: Migrated to stable released builds of StAX API 1.0.1 and StAX 1.2.0 (shalin)
+24. Upgraded to Lucene 2.4-dev (r686801) (yonik)
+25. Upgraded to Lucene 2.4-dev (r688745) 27-Aug-2008 (yonik)
+26. Upgraded to Lucene 2.4-dev (r691741) 03-Sep-2008 (yonik)
+27. Replaced the StAX reference implementation with the geronimo
+ StAX API jar, and the Woodstox StAX implementation. (yonik)
+ 1. SOLR-411. Changed the names of the Solr JARs to use the defacto standard JAR names based on
+ project-name-version.jar. This yields, for example:
+ apache-solr-common-1.3-dev.jar
+ apache-solr-solrj-1.3-dev.jar
+ apache-solr-1.3-dev.jar
+ 2. SOLR-479: Added clover code coverage targets for committers and the nightly build. Requires
+ the Clover library, as licensed to Apache and only available privately. To run:
+ ant -Drun.clover=true clean clover test generate-clover-reports
+ 3. SOLR-510: Nightly release includes client sources. (koji)
+ 4. SOLR-563: Modified the build process to build contrib projects
+ (Shalin Shekhar Mangar via Otis Gospodnetic)
+ 5. SOLR-673: Modify build file to create javadocs for core, solrj, contrib and "all inclusive" (shalin)
+ 6. SOLR-672: Nightly release includes contrib sources. (Jeremy Hinegardner, shalin)
+ 7. SOLR-586: Added ant target and POM files for building maven artifacts of the Solr core, common,
+ client and contrib. The target can publish artifacts with source and javadocs.
+ (Spencer Crissman, Craig McClanahan, shalin)
+================== Release 1.2, 20070602 ==================
+Upgrading from Solr 1.1
+IMPORTANT UPGRADE NOTE: In a master/slave configuration, all searchers/slaves
+should be upgraded before the master! If the master were to be updated
+first, the older searchers would not be able to read the new index format.
+Older Apache Solr installations can be upgraded by replacing
+the relevant war file with the new version. No changes to configuration
+files should be needed.
+This version of Solr contains a new version of Lucene implementing
+an updated index format. This version of Solr/Lucene can still read
+and update indexes in the older formats, and will convert them to the new
+format on the first index change. One change in the new index format
+is that all "norms" are kept in a single file, greatly reducing the number
+of files per segment. Users of compound file indexes will want to consider
+converting to the non-compound format for faster indexing and slightly better
+search concurrency.
+The JSON response format for facets has changed to make it easier for
+clients to retain sorted order. Use explicitly in clients
+to get the old behavior, or add it as a default to the request handler
+in solrconfig.xml
+The Lucene based Solr query syntax is slightly more strict.
+A ':' in a field value must be escaped or the whole value must be quoted.
+The Solr "Request Handler" framework has been updated in two key ways:
+First, if a Request Handler is registered in solrconfig.xml with a name
+starting with "/" then it can be accessed using path-based URL, instead of
+using the legacy "/select?qt=name" URL structure. Second, the Request
+Handler framework has been extended making it possible to write Request
+Handlers that process streams of data for doing updates, and there is a
+new-style Request Handler for XML updates given the name of "/update" in
+the example solrconfig.xml. Existing installations without this "/update"
+handler will continue to use the old update servlet and should see no
+changes in behavior. For new-style update handlers, errors are now
+reflected in the HTTP status code, Content-type checking is more strict,
+and the response format has changed and is controllable via the wt
+Detailed Change List
+New Features
+ 1. SOLR-82: Default field values can be specified in the schema.xml.
+ (Ryan McKinley via hossman)
+ 2. SOLR-89: Two new TokenFilters with corresponding Factories...
+ * TrimFilter - Trims leading and trailing whitespace from Tokens
+ * PatternReplaceFilter - applies a Pattern to each token in the
+ stream, replacing match occurances with a specified replacement.
+ (hossman)
+ 3. SOLR-91: allow configuration of a limit of the number of searchers
+ that can be warming in the background. This can be used to avoid
+ out-of-memory errors, or contention caused by more and more searchers
+ warming in the background. An error is thrown if the limit specified
+ by maxWarmingSearchers in solrconfig.xml is exceeded. (yonik)
+ 4. SOLR-106: New faceting parameters that allow specification of a
+ minimum count for returned facets (facet.mincount), paging through facets
+ (facet.offset, facet.limit), and explicit sorting (facet.sort).
+ facet.zeros is now deprecated. (yonik)
+ 5. SOLR-80: Negative queries are now allowed everywhere. Negative queries
+ are generated and cached as their positive counterpart, speeding
+ generation and generally resulting in smaller sets to cache.
+ Set intersections in SolrIndexSearcher are more efficient,
+ starting with the smallest positive set, subtracting all negative
+ sets, then intersecting with all other positive sets. (yonik)
+ 6. SOLR-117: Limit a field faceting to constraints with a prefix specified
+ by facet.prefix or f.<field>.facet.prefix. (yonik)
+ 7. SOLR-107: JAVA API: Change NamedList to use Java5 generics
+ and implement Iterable<Map.Entry> (Ryan McKinley via yonik)
+ 8. SOLR-104: Support for "Update Plugins" -- RequestHandlers that want
+ access to streams of data for doing updates. ContentStreams can come
+ from the raw POST body, multi-part form data, or remote URLs.
+ Included in this change is a new SolrDispatchFilter that allows
+ RequestHandlers registered with names that begin with a "/" to be
+ accessed using a URL structure based on that name.
+ (Ryan McKinley via hossman)
+ 9. SOLR-126: DirectUpdateHandler2 supports autocommitting after a specified time
+ (in ms), using <autoCommit><maxTime>10000</maxTime></autoCommit>.
+ (Ryan McKinley via klaas).
+10. SOLR-116: IndexInfoRequestHandler added. (Erik Hatcher)
+11. SOLR-79: Add system property ${<sys.prop>[:<default>]} substitution for
+ configuration files loaded, including schema.xml and solrconfig.xml.
+ (Erik Hatcher with inspiration from Andrew Saar)
+12. SOLR-149: Changes to make Solr more easily embeddable, in addition
+ to logging which request handler handled each request.
+ (Ryan McKinley via yonik)
+13. SOLR-86: Added standalone Java-based command-line updater.
+ (Erik Hatcher via Bertrand Delecretaz)
+14. SOLR-152: DisMaxRequestHandler now supports configurable alternate
+ behavior when q is not specified. A "q.alt" param can be specified
+ using SolrQueryParser syntax as a mechanism for specifying what query
+ the dismax handler should execute if the main user query (q) is blank.
+ (Ryan McKinley via hossman)
+15. SOLR-158: new "qs" (Query Slop) param for DisMaxRequestHandler
+ allows for specifying the amount of default slop to use when parsing
+ explicit phrase queries from the user.
+ (Adam Hiatt via hossman)
+16. SOLR-81: SpellCheckerRequestHandler that uses the SpellChecker from
+ the Lucene contrib.
+ (Otis Gospodnetic and Adam Hiatt)
+17. SOLR-182: allow lazy loading of request handlers on first request.
+ (Ryan McKinley via yonik)
+18. SOLR-81: More SpellCheckerRequestHandler enhancements, inlcluding
+ support for relative or absolute directory path configurations, as
+ well as RAM based directory. (hossman)
+19. SOLR-197: New parameters for input: stream.contentType for specifying
+ or overriding the content type of input, and stream.file for reading
+ local files. (Ryan McKinley via yonik)
+20. SOLR-66: CSV data format for document additions and updates. (yonik)
+21. SOLR-184: add echoHandler=true to responseHeader, support echoParams=all
+ (Ryan McKinley via ehatcher)
+22. SOLR-211: Added a regex PatternTokenizerFactory. This extracts tokens
+ from the input string using a regex Pattern. (Ryan McKinley)
+23. SOLR-162: Added a "Luke" request handler and other admin helpers.
+ This exposes the system status through the standard requestHandler
+ framework. (ryan)
+24. SOLR-212: Added a DirectSolrConnection class. This lets you access
+ solr using the standard request/response formats, but does not require
+ an HTTP connection. It is designed for embedded applications. (ryan)
+25. SOLR-204: The request dispatcher (added in SOLR-104) can handle
+ calls to /select. This offers uniform error handling for /update and
+ /select. To enable this behavior, you must add:
+ <requestDispatcher handleSelect="true" > to your solrconfig.xml
+ See the example solrconfig.xml for details. (ryan)
+26. SOLR-170: StandardRequestHandler now supports a "sort" parameter.
+ Using the ';' syntax is still supported, but it is recommended to
+ transition to the new syntax. (ryan)
+27. SOLR-181: The index schema now supports "required" fields. Attempts
+ to add a document without a required field will fail, returning a
+ descriptive error message. By default, the uniqueKey field is
+ a required field. This can be disabled by setting required=false
+ in schema.xml. (Greg Ludington via ryan)
+28. SOLR-217: Fields configured in the schema to be neither indexed or
+ stored will now be quietly ignored by Solr when Documents are added.
+ The example schema has a comment explaining how this can be used to
+ ignore any "unknown" fields.
+ (Will Johnson via hossman)
+29. SOLR-227: If schema.xml defines multiple fieldTypes, fields, or
+ dynamicFields with the same name, a severe error will be logged rather
+ then quietly continuing. Depending on the <abortOnConfigurationError>
+ settings, this may halt the server. Likewise, if solrconfig.xml
+ defines multiple RequestHandlers with the same name it will also add
+ an error. (ryan)
+30. SOLR-226: Added support for dynamic field as the destination of a
+ copyField using glob (*) replacement. (ryan)
+31. SOLR-224: Adding a PhoneticFilterFactory that uses apache commons codec
+ language encoders to build phonetically similar tokens. This currently
+ supports: DoubleMetaphone, Metaphone, Soundex, and RefinedSoundex (ryan)
+32. SOLR-199: new n-gram tokenizers available via NGramTokenizerFactory
+ and EdgeNGramTokenizerFactory. (Adam Hiatt via yonik)
+33. SOLR-234: TrimFilter can update the Token's startOffset and endOffset
+ if updateOffsets="true". By default the Token offsets are unchanged.
+ (ryan)
+34. SOLR-208: new example_rss.xsl and example_atom.xsl to provide more
+ examples for people about the Solr XML response format and how they
+ can transform it to suit different needs.
+ (Brian Whitman via hossman)
+35. SOLR-249: Deprecated SolrException( int, ... ) constructors in favor
+ of constructors that takes an ErrorCode enum. This will ensure that
+ all SolrExceptions use a valid HTTP status code. (ryan)
+36. SOLR-386: Abstracted SolrHighlighter and moved existing implementation
+ to DefaultSolrHighlighter. Adjusted SolrCore and solrconfig.xml so
+ that highlighter is configurable via a class attribute. Allows users
+ to use their own highlighter implementation. (Tricia Williams via klaas)
+Changes in runtime behavior
+ 1. Highlighting using DisMax will only pick up terms from the main
+ user query, not boost or filter queries (klaas).
+ 2. SOLR-125: Change default of to flat, change so that
+ only affects items where order matters (facet constraint
+ listings). Fix JSON output bug for null values. Internal JAVA API:
+ change most uses of NamedList to SimpleOrderedMap. (yonik)
+ 3. A new method "getSolrQueryParser" has been added to the IndexSchema
+ class for retrieving a new SolrQueryParser instance with all options
+ specified in the schema.xml's <solrQueryParser> block set. The
+ documentation for the SolrQueryParser constructor and it's use of
+ IndexSchema have also been clarified.
+ (Erik Hatcher and hossman)
+ 4. DisMaxRequestHandler's bq, bf, qf, and pf parameters can now accept
+ multiple values (klaas).
+ 5. Query are re-written before highlighting is performed. This enables
+ proper highlighting of prefix and wildcard queries (klaas).
+ 6. A meaningful exception is raised when attempting to add a doc missing
+ a unique id if it is declared in the schema and allowDups=false.
+ (ryan via klaas)
+ 7. SOLR-183: Exceptions with error code 400 are raised when
+ numeric argument parsing fails. RequiredSolrParams class added
+ to facilitate checking for parameters that must be present.
+ (Ryan McKinley, J.J. Larrea via yonik)
+ 8. SOLR-179: By default, solr will abort after any severe initalization
+ errors. This behavior can be disabled by setting:
+ <abortOnConfigurationError>false</abortOnConfigurationError>
+ in solrconfig.xml (ryan)
+ 9. The example solrconfig.xml maps /update to XmlUpdateRequestHandler using
+ the new request dispatcher (SOLR-104). This requires posted content to
+ have a valid contentType: curl -H 'Content-type:text/xml; charset=utf-8'
+ The response format matches that of /select and returns standard error
+ codes. To enable solr1.1 style /update, do not map "/update" to any
+ handler in solrconfig.xml (ryan)
+10. SOLR-231: If a charset is not specified in the contentType,
+ ContentStream.getReader() will use UTF-8 encoding. (ryan)
+11. SOLR-230: More options for post.jar to support stdin, xml on the
+ commandline, and defering commits. Tutorial modified to take
+ advantage of these options so there is no need for curl.
+ (hossman)
+12. SOLR-128: Upgraded Jetty to the latest stable release 6.1.3 (ryan)
+ 1. SOLR-114: HashDocSet specific implementations of union() and andNot()
+ for a 20x performance improvement for those set operations, and a new
+ hash algorithm speeds up exists() by 10% and intersectionSize() by 8%.
+ (yonik)
+ 2. SOLR-115: Solr now uses BooleanQuery.clauses() instead of
+ BooleanQuery.getClauses() in any situation where there is no risk of
+ modifying the original query.
+ (hossman)
+ 3. SOLR-221: Speed up sorted faceting on multivalued fields by ~60%
+ when the base set consists of a relatively large portion of the
+ index. (yonik)
+ 4. SOLR-221: Added a facet.enum.cache.minDf parameter which avoids
+ using the filterCache for terms that match few documents, trading
+ decreased memory usage for increased query time. (yonik)
+Bug Fixes
+ 1. SOLR-87: Parsing of synonym files did not correctly handle escaped
+ whitespace such as \r\n\t\b\f. (yonik)
+ 2. SOLR-92: DOMUtils.getText (used when parsing config files) did not
+ work properly with many DOM implementations when dealing with
+ "Attributes". (Ryan McKinley via hossman)
+ 3. SOLR-9,SOLR-99: Tighten up sort specification error checking, throw
+ exceptions for missing sort specifications or a sort on a non-indexed
+ field. (Ryan McKinley via yonik)
+ 4. SOLR-145: Fix for bug introduced in SOLR-104 where some Exceptions
+ were being ignored by all "out of the box" RequestHandlers. (hossman)
+ 5. SOLR-166: JNDI solr.home code refactoring. SOLR-104 moved
+ some JNDI related code to the init method of a Servlet Filter -
+ according to the Servlet Spec, all Filter's should be initialized
+ prior to initializing any Servlets, but this is not the case in at
+ least one Servlet Container (Resin). This "bug fix" refactors
+ this JNDI code so that it should be executed the first time any
+ attempt is made to use the solr.home dir.
+ (Ryan McKinley via hossman)
+ 6. SOLR-173: Bug fix to SolrDispatchFilter to reduce "too many open
+ files" problem was that SolrDispatchFilter was not closing requests
+ when finished. Also modified ResponseWriters to only fetch a Searcher
+ reference if necessary for writing out DocLists.
+ (Ryan McKinley via hossman)
+ 7. SOLR-168: Fix display positioning of multiple tokens at the same
+ position in analysis.jsp (yonik)
+ 8. SOLR-167: The SynonymFilter sometimes generated incorrect offsets when
+ multi token synonyms were mached in the source text. (yonik)
+ 9. SOLR-188: bin scripts do not support non-default webapp names. Added "-U"
+ option to specify a full path to the update url, overriding the
+ "-h" (hostname), "-p" (port) and "-w" (webapp name) parameters.
+ (Jeff Rodenburg via billa)
+10. SOLR-198: RunExecutableListener always waited for the process to
+ finish, even when wait="false" was set. (Koji Sekiguchi via yonik)
+11. SOLR-207: Changed distribution scripts to remove recursive find
+ and avoid use of "find -maxdepth" on platforms where it is not
+ supported. (yonik)
+12. SOLR-222: Changing writeLockTimeout in solrconfig.xml did not
+ change the effective timeout. (Koji Sekiguchi via yonik)
+13. Changed the SOLR-104 RequestDispatcher so that /select?qt=xxx can not
+ access handlers that start with "/". This makes path based authentication
+ possible for path based request handlers. (ryan)
+14. SOLR-214: Some servlet containers (including Tomcat and Resin) do not
+ obey the specified charset. Rather then letting the the container handle
+ it solr now uses the charset from the header contentType to decode posted
+ content. Using the contentType: "text/xml; charset=utf-8" will force
+ utf-8 encoding. If you do not specify a contentType, it will use the
+ platform default. (Koji Sekiguchi via ryan)
+15. SOLR-241: Undefined system properties used in configuration files now
+ cause a clear message to be logged rather than an obscure exception thrown.
+ (Koji Sekiguchi via ehatcher)
+Other Changes
+ 1. Updated to Lucene 2.1
+ 2. Updated to Lucene 2007-05-20_00-04-53
+================== Release 1.1.0, 20061222 ==================
+This is the first release since Solr joined the Incubator, and brings many
+new features and performance optimizations including highlighting,
+faceted browsing, and JSON/Python/Ruby response formats.
+Upgrading from previous Solr versions
+Older Apache Solr installations can be upgraded by replacing
+the relevant war file with the new version. No changes to configuration
+files are needed and the index format has not changed.
+The default version of the Solr XML response syntax has been changed to 2.2.
+Behavior can be preserved for those clients not explicitly specifying a
+version by adding a default to the request handler in solrconfig.xml
+By default, Solr will no longer use a searcher that has not fully warmed,
+and requests will block in the meantime. To change back to the previous
+behavior of using a cold searcher in the event there is no other
+warm searcher, see the useColdSearcher config item in solrconfig.xml
+The XML response format when adding multiple documents to the collection
+in a single <add> command has changed to return a single <result>.
+Detailed Change List
+New Features
+ 1. added support for setting Lucene's positionIncrementGap
+ 2. Admin: new statistics for SolrIndexSearcher
+ 3. Admin: caches now show config params on stats page
+ 3. max() function added to FunctionQuery suite
+ 4. postOptimize hook, mirroring the functionallity of the postCommit hook,
+ but only called on an index optimize.
+ 5. Ability to HTTP POST query requests to /select in addition to HTTP-GET
+ 6. The default search field may now be overridden by requests to the
+ standard request handler using the df query parameter. (Erik Hatcher)
+ 7. Added DisMaxRequestHandler and SolrPluginUtils. (Chris Hostetter)
+ 8. Support for customizing the QueryResponseWriter per request
+ (Mike Baranczak / SOLR-16 / hossman)
+ 9. Added KeywordTokenizerFactory (hossman)
+10. copyField accepts dynamicfield-like names as the source.
+ (Darren Erik Vengroff via yonik, SOLR-21)
+11. new DocSet.andNot(), DocSet.andNotSize() (yonik)
+12. Ability to store term vectors for fields. (Mike Klaas via yonik, SOLR-23)
+13. New abstract BufferedTokenStream for people who want to write
+ Tokenizers or TokenFilters that require arbitrary buffering of the
+ stream. (SOLR-11 / yonik, hossman)
+14. New RemoveDuplicatesToken - useful in situations where
+ synonyms, stemming, or word-deliminater-ing produce identical tokens at
+ the same position. (SOLR-11 / yonik, hossman)
+15. Added highlighting to SolrPluginUtils and implemented in StandardRequestHandler
+ and DisMaxRequestHandler (SOLR-24 / Mike Klaas via hossman,yonik)
+16. SnowballPorterFilterFactory language is configurable via the "language"
+ attribute, with the default being "English". (Bertrand Delacretaz via yonik, SOLR-27)
+17. ISOLatin1AccentFilterFactory, instantiates ISOLatin1AccentFilter to remove accents.
+ (Bertrand Delacretaz via yonik, SOLR-28)
+18. JSON, Python, Ruby QueryResponseWriters: use wt="json", "python" or "ruby"
+ (yonik, SOLR-31)
+19. Make web admin pages return UTF-8, change Content-type declaration to include a
+ space between the mime-type and charset (Philip Jacob, SOLR-35)
+20. Made query parser default operator configurable via schema.xml:
+ <solrQueryParser defaultOperator="AND|OR"/>
+ The default operator remains "OR".
+21. JAVA API: new version of SolrIndexSearcher.getDocListAndSet() which takes
+ flags (Greg Ludington via yonik, SOLR-39)
+22. A HyphenatedWordsFilter, a text analysis filter used during indexing to rejoin
+ words that were hyphenated and split by a newline. (Boris Vitez via yonik, SOLR-41)
+23. Added a CompressableField base class which allows fields of derived types to
+ be compressed using the compress=true setting. The field type also gains the
+ ability to specify a size threshold at which field data is compressed.
+ (klaas, SOLR-45)
+24. Simple faceted search support for fields (enumerating terms)
+ and arbitrary queries added to both StandardRequestHandler and
+ DisMaxRequestHandler. (hossman, SOLR-44)
+25. In addition to specifying default RequestHandler params in the
+ solrconfig.xml, support has been added for configuring values to be
+ appended to the multi-val request params, as well as for configuring
+ invariant params that can not overridden in the query. (hossman, SOLR-46)
+26. Default operator for query parsing can now be specified with q.op=AND|OR
+ from the client request, overriding the schema value. (ehatcher)
+27. New XSLTResponseWriter does server side XSLT processing of XML Response.
+ In the process, an init(NamedList) method was added to QueryResponseWriter
+ which works the same way as SolrRequestHandler.
+ (Bertrand Delacretaz / SOLR-49 / hossman)
+28. json.wrf parameter adds a wrapper-function around the JSON response,
+ useful in AJAX with dynamic script tags for specifying a JavaScript
+ callback function. (Bertrand Delacretaz via yonik, SOLR-56)
+29. autoCommit can be specified every so many documents added (klaas, SOLR-65)
+30. ${solr.home}/lib directory can now be used for specifying "plugin" jars
+ (hossman, SOLR-68)
+31. Support for "Date Math" relative "NOW" when specifying values of a
+ DateField in a query -- or when adding a document.
+ (hossman, SOLR-71)
+32. useColdSearcher control in solrconfig.xml prevents the first searcher
+ from being used before it's done warming. This can help prevent
+ thrashing on startup when multiple requests hit a cold searcher.
+ The default is "false", preventing use before warm. (yonik, SOLR-77)
+Changes in runtime behavior
+ 1. classes reorganized into different packages, package names changed to Apache
+ 2. force read of document stored fields in QuerySenderListener
+ 3. Solr now looks in ./solr/conf for config, ./solr/data for data
+ configurable via solr.solr.home system property
+ 4. Highlighter params changed to be prefixed with "hl."; allow fragmentsize
+ customization and per-field overrides on many options
+ (Andrew May via klaas, SOLR-37)
+ 5. Default param values for DisMaxRequestHandler should now be specified
+ using a '<lst name="defaults">...</lst>' init param, for backwards
+ compatability all init prams will be used as defaults if an init param
+ with that name does not exist. (hossman, SOLR-43)
+ 6. The DisMaxRequestHandler now supports multiple occurances of the "fq"
+ param. (hossman, SOLR-44)
+ 7. FunctionQuery.explain now uses ComplexExplanation to provide more
+ accurate score explanations when composed in a BooleanQuery.
+ (hossman, SOLR-25)
+ 8. Document update handling locking is much sparser, allowing performance gains
+ through multiple threads. Large commits also might be faster (klaas, SOLR-65)
+ 9. Lazy field loading can be enabled via a solrconfig directive. This will be faster when
+ not all stored fields are needed from a document (klaas, SOLR-52)
+10. Made admin JSPs return XML and transform them with new XSL stylesheets
+ (Otis Gospodnetic, SOLR-58)
+11. If the "echoParams=explicit" request parameter is set, request parameters are copied
+ to the output. In an XML output, they appear in new <lst name="params"> list inside
+ the new <lst name="responseHeader"> element, which replaces the old <responseHeader>.
+ Adding a version=2.1 parameter to the request produces the old format, for backwards
+ compatibility (bdelacretaz and yonik, SOLR-59).
+ 1. getDocListAndSet can now generate both a DocList and a DocSet from a
+ single lucene query.
+ 2. BitDocSet.intersectionSize(HashDocSet) no longer generates an intermediate
+ set
+ 3. OpenBitSet completed, replaces BitSet as the implementation for BitDocSet.
+ Iteration is faster, and BitDocSet.intersectionSize(BitDocSet) and unionSize
+ is between 3 and 4 times faster. (yonik, SOLR-15)
+ 4. much faster unionSize when one of the sets is a HashDocSet: O(smaller_set_size)
+ 5. Optimized getDocSet() for term queries resulting in a 36% speedup of facet.field
+ queries where DocSets aren't cached (for example, if the number of terms in the field
+ is larger than the filter cache.) (yonik)
+ 6. Optimized facet.field faceting by as much as 500 times when the field has
+ a single token per document (not multiValued & not tokenized) by using the
+ Lucene FieldCache entry for that field to tally term counts. The first request
+ utilizing the FieldCache will take longer than subsequent ones.
+Bug Fixes
+ 1. Fixed delete-by-id for field types who's indexed form is different
+ from the printable form (mainly sortable numeric types).
+ 2. Added escaping of attribute values in the XML response (Erik Hatcher)
+ 3. Added empty extractTerms() to FunctionQuery to enable use in
+ a MultiSearcher (Yonik)
+ 4. WordDelimiterFilter sometimes lost token positionIncrement information
+ 5. Fix reverse sorting for fields were sortMissingFirst=true
+ (Rob Staveley, yonik)
+ 6. Worked around a Jetty bug that caused invalid XML responses for fields
+ containing non ASCII chars. (Bertrand Delacretaz via yonik, SOLR-32)
+ 7. WordDelimiterFilter can throw exceptions if configured with both
+ generate and catenate off. (Mike Klaas via yonik, SOLR-34)
+ 8. Escape '>' in XML output (because ]]> is illegal in CharData)
+ 9. field boosts weren't being applied and doc boosts were being applied to fields (klaas)
+10. Multiple-doc update generates well-formed xml (klaas, SOLR-65)
+11. Better parsing of pingQuery from solrconfig.xml (hossman, SOLR-70)
+12. Fixed bug with "Distribution" page introduced when Versions were
+ added to "Info" page (hossman)
+13. Fixed HTML escaping issues with user input to analysis.jsp and action.jsp
+ (hossman, SOLR-74)
+Other Changes
+ 1. Upgrade to Lucene 2.0 nightly build 2006-06-22, lucene SVN revision 416224,
+ 2. Modified admin styles to improve display in Internet Explorer (Greg Ludington via billa, SOLR-6)
+ 3. Upgrade to Lucene 2.0 nightly build 2006-07-15, lucene SVN revision 422302,
+ 4. Included unique key field name/value (if available) in log message of add (billa, SOLR-18)
+ 5. Updated to Lucene 2.0 nightly build 2006-09-07, SVN revision 462111
+ 6. Added javascript to catch empty query in admin query forms (Tomislav Nakic-Alfirevic via billa, SOLR-48
+ 7. blackslash escape * in ssh command used in snappuller for zsh compatibility, SOLR-63
+ 8. check solr return code in admin scripts, SOLR-62
+ 9. Updated to Lucene 2.0 nightly build 2006-11-15, SVN revision 475069
+10. Removed src/apps containing the legacy "SolrTest" app (hossman, SOLR-3)
+11. Simplified index.jsp and form.jsp, primarily by removing/hiding XML
+ specific params, and adding an option to pick the output type. (hossman)
+12. Added new numeric build property "specversion" to allow clean
+ MANIFEST.MF files (hossman)
+13. Added Solr/Lucene versions to "Info" page (hossman)
+14. Explicitly set mime-type of .xsl files in web.xml to
+ application/xslt+xml (hossman)
+15. Config parsing should now work useing DOM Level 2 parsers -- Solr
+ previously relied on getTextContent which is a DOM Level 3 addition
+ (Alexander Saar via hossman, SOLR-78)
+2006/01/17 Solr open sourced, moves to Apache Incubator
991 solr/LICENSE.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,991 @@
+ Apache License
+ Version 2.0, January 2004
+ 1. Definitions.
+ "License" shall mean the terms and conditions for use, reproduction,
+ and distribution as defined by Sections 1 through 9 of this document.
+ "Licensor" shall mean the copyright owner or entity authorized by
+ the copyright owner that is granting the License.
+ "Legal Entity" shall mean the union of the acting entity and all
+ other entities that control, are controlled by, or are under common
+ control with that entity. For the purposes of this definition,
+ "control" means (i) the power, direct or indirect, to cause the
+ direction or management of such entity, whether by contract or
+ otherwise, or (ii) ownership of fifty percent (50%) or more of the
+ outstanding shares, or (iii) beneficial ownership of such entity.
+ "You" (or "Your") shall mean an individual or Legal Entity
+ exercising permissions granted by this License.
+ "Source" form shall mean the preferred form for making modifications,
+ including but not limited to software source code, documentation
+ source, and configuration files.
+ "Object" form shall mean any form resulting from mechanical
+ transformation or translation of a Source form, including but
+ not limited to compiled object code, generated documentation,
+ and conversions to other media types.
+ "Work" shall mean the work of authorship, whether in Source or
+ Object form, made available under the License, as indicated by a
+ copyright notice that is included in or attached to the work
+ (an example is provided in the Appendix below).
+ "Derivative Works" shall mean any work, whether in Source or Object
+ form, that is based on (or derived from) the Work and for which the
+ editorial revisions, annotations, elaborations, or other modifications
+ represent, as a whole, an original work of authorship. For the purposes
+ of this License, Derivative Works shall not include works that remain
+ separable from, or merely link (or bind by name) to the interfaces of,
+ the Work and Derivative Works thereof.
+ "Contribution" shall mean any work of authorship, including
+ the original version of the Work and any modifications or additions
+ to that Work or Derivative Works thereof, that is intentionally
+ submitted to Licensor for inclusion in the Work by the copyright owner
+ or by an individual or Legal Entity authorized to submit on behalf of
+ the copyright owner. For the purposes of this definition, "submitted"
+ means any form of electronic, verbal, or written communication sent
+ to the Licensor or its representatives, including but not limited to
+ communication on electronic mailing lists, source code control systems,
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+ Licensor for the purpose of discussing and improving the Work, but
+ excluding communication that is conspicuously marked or otherwise
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+ "Contributor" shall mean Licensor and any individual or Legal Entity
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+ subsequently incorporated within the Work.
+ 2. Grant of Copyright License. Subject to the terms and conditions of
+ this License, each Contributor hereby grants to You a perpetual,
+ worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, irrevocable
+ copyright license to reproduce, prepare Derivative Works of,
+ publicly display, publicly perform, sublicense, and distribute the
+ Work and such Derivative Works in Source or Object form.
+ 3. Grant of Patent License. Subject to the terms and conditions of
+ this License, each Contributor hereby grants to You a perpetual,
+ worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, irrevocable
+ (except as stated in this section) patent license to make, have made,
+ use, offer to sell, sell, import, and otherwise transfer the Work,
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+ (c) You must retain, in the Source form of any Derivative Works
+ that You distribute, all copyright, patent, trademark, and
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+ the Derivative Works; and
+ (d) If the Work includes a "NOTICE" text file as part of its
+ distribution, then any Derivative Works that You distribute must
+ include a readable copy of the attribution notices contained
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+ You may add Your own copyright statement to Your modifications and
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+ for any such Derivative Works as a whole, provided Your use,
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+ 5. Submission of Contributions. Unless You explicitly state otherwise,
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+ 6. Trademarks. This License does not grant permission to use the trade
+ names, trademarks, service marks, or product names of the Licensor,
+ except as required for reasonable and customary use in describing the
+ origin of the Work and reproducing the content of the NOTICE file.
+ 7. Disclaimer of Warranty. Unless required by applicable law or
+ agreed to in writing, Licensor provides the Work (and each
+ Contributor provides its Contributions) on an "AS IS" BASIS,
+ implied, including, without limitation, any warranties or conditions
+ PARTICULAR PURPOSE. You are solely responsible for determining the
+ appropriateness of using or redistributing the Work and assume any
+ risks associated with Your exercise of permissions under this License.
+ 8. Limitation of Liability. In no event and under no legal theory,
+ whether in tort (including negligence), contract, or otherwise,
+ unless required by applicable law (such as deliberate and grossly
+ negligent acts) or agreed to in writing, shall any Contributor be
+ liable to You for damages, including any direct, indirect, special,
+ incidental, or consequential damages of any character arising as a
+ result of this License or out of the use or inability to use the
+ Work (including but not limited to damages for loss of goodwill,
+ work stoppage, computer failure or malfunction, or any and all
+ other commercial damages or losses), even if such Contributor
+ has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
+ 9. Accepting Warranty or Additional Liability. While redistributing
+ the Work or Derivative Works thereof, You may choose to offer,
+ and charge a fee for, acceptance of support, warranty, indemnity,
+ or other liability obligations and/or rights consistent with this
+ License. However, in accepting such obligations, You may act only
+ on Your own behalf and on Your sole responsibility, not on behalf
+ of any other Contributor, and only if You agree to indemnify,
+ defend, and hold each Contributor harmless for any liability
+ incurred by, or claims asserted against, such Contributor by reason
+ of your accepting any such warranty or additional liability.
+ APPENDIX: How to apply the Apache License to your work.
+ To apply the Apache License to your work, attach the following
+ boilerplate notice, with the fields enclosed by brackets "[]"
+ replaced with your own identifying information. (Don't include
+ the brackets!) The text should be enclosed in the appropriate
+ comment syntax for the file format. We also recommend that a
+ file or class name and description of purpose be included on the
+ same "printed page" as the copyright notice for easier
+ identification within third-party archives.
+ Copyright [yyyy] [name of copyright owner]
+ Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
+ you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
+ You may obtain a copy of the License at
+ Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
+ distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
+ See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
+ limitations under the License.
+Portions of Jetty 6 are bundled in the Solr example server.
+Jetty 6 includes a binary javax.servlet package licensed under the
+Common Development and Distribution License.
+1. Definitions.
+1.1. Contributor means each individual or entity that creates or contributes to
+the creation of Modifications.
+1.2. Contributor Version means the combination of the Original Software, prior
+Modifications used by a Contributor (if any), and the Modifications made by
+that particular Contributor.
+1.3. Covered Software means (a) the Original Software, or (b) Modifications, or
+(c) the combination of files containing Original Software with files containing
+Modifications, in each case including portions thereof.
+1.4. Executable means the Covered Software in any form other than Source Code.
+1.5. Initial Developer means the individual or entity that first makes Original
+Software available under this License.
+1.6. Larger Work means a work which combines Covered Software or portions
+thereof with code not governed by the terms of this License.
+1.7. License means this document.
+1.8. Licensable means having the right to grant, to the maximum extent
+possible, whether at the time of the initial grant or subsequently acquired,
+any and all of the rights conveyed herein.
+1.9. Modifications means the Source Code and Executable form of any of the
+A. Any file that results from an addition to, deletion from or modification of
+the contents of a file containing Original Software or previous Modifications;
+B. Any new file that contains any part of the Original Software or previous
+Modification; or
+C. Any new file that is contributed or otherwise made available under the terms
+of this License.
+1.10. Original Software means the Source Code and Executable form of computer
+software code that is originally released under this License.
+1.11. Patent Claims means any patent claim(s), now owned or hereafter acquired,
+including without limitation, method, process, and apparatus claims, in any
+patent Licensable by grantor.
+1.12. Source Code means (a) the common form of computer software code in which
+modifications are made and (b) associated documentation included in or with
+such code.
+1.13. You (or Your) means an individual or a legal entity exercising rights
+under, and complying with all of the terms of, this License. For legal
+entities, You includes any entity which controls, is controlled by, or is under
+common control with You. For purposes of this definition, control means (a)???the
+power, direct or indirect, to cause the direction or management of such entity,
+whether by contract or otherwise, or (b)???ownership of more than fifty percent
+(50%) of the outstanding shares or beneficial ownership of such entity.
+2. License Grants.
+2.1. The Initial Developer Grant. Conditioned upon Your compliance with
+Section 3.1 below and subject to third party intellectual property claims, the
+Initial Developer hereby grants You a world-wide, royalty-free, non-exclusive
+license: (a) under intellectual property rights (other than patent or
+trademark) Licensable by Initial Developer, to use, reproduce, modify, display,
+perform, sublicense and distribute the Original Software (or portions thereof),
+with or without Modifications, and/or as part of a Larger Work; and (b) under
+Patent Claims infringed by the making, using or selling of Original Software,
+to make, have made, use, practice, sell, and offer for sale, and/or otherwise
+dispose of the Original Software (or portions thereof). (c) The licenses
+granted in Sections???2.1(a) and (b) are effective on the date Initial Developer
+first distributes or otherwise makes the Original Software available to a third
+party under the terms of this License. (d) Notwithstanding Section???2.1(b)
+above, no patent license is granted: (1)???for code that You delete from the
+Original Software, or (2)???for infringements caused by: (i)???the modification of
+the Original Software, or (ii)???the combination of the Original Software with
+other software or devices.
+2.2. Contributor Grant. Conditioned upon Your compliance with Section 3.1
+below and subject to third party intellectual property claims, each Contributor
+hereby grants You a world-wide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license: (a) under
+intellectual property rights (other than patent or trademark) Licensable by
+Contributor to use, reproduce, modify, display, perform, sublicense and
+distribute the Modifications created by such Contributor (or portions thereof),
+either on an unmodified basis, with other Modifications, as Covered Software
+and/or as part of a Larger Work; and (b) under Patent Claims infringed by the
+making, using, or selling of Modifications made by that Contributor either
+alone and/or in combination with its Contributor Version (or portions of such
+combination), to make, use, sell, offer for sale, have made, and/or otherwise
+dispose of: (1)???Modifications made by that Contributor (or portions thereof);
+and (2)???the combination of Modifications made by that Contributor with its
+Contributor Version (or portions of such combination). (c) The licenses
+granted in Sections???2.2(a) and 2.2(b) are effective on the date Contributor
+first distributes or otherwise makes the Modifications available to a third
+party. (d) Notwithstanding Section???2.2(b) above, no patent license is granted:
+(1)???for any code that Contributor has deleted from the Contributor Version;
+(2)???for infringements caused by: (i)???third party modifications of Contributor
+Version, or (ii)???the combination of Modifications made by that Contributor with
+other software (except as part of the Contributor Version) or other devices; or
+(3)???under Patent Claims infringed by Covered Software in the absence of
+Modifications made by that Contributor.
+3. Distribution Obligations.
+3.1. Availability of Source Code.
+Any Covered Software that You distribute or otherwise make available in
+Executable form must also be made available in Source Code form and that Source
+Code form must be distributed only under the terms of this License. You must
+include a copy of this License with every copy of the Source Code form of the
+Covered Software You distribute or otherwise make available. You must inform
+recipients of any such Covered Software in Executable form as to how they can
+obtain such Covered Software in Source Code form in a reasonable manner on or
+through a medium customarily used for software exchange.
+3.2. Modifications.
+The Modifications that You create or to which You contribute are governed by
+the terms of this License. You represent that You believe Your Modifications
+are Your original creation(s) and/or You have sufficient rights to grant the
+rights conveyed by this License.
+3.3. Required Notices. You must include a notice in each of Your Modifications
+that identifies You as the Contributor of the Modification. You may not remove
+or alter any copyright, patent or trademark notices contained within the
+Covered Software, or any notices of licensing or any descriptive text giving
+attribution to any Contributor or the Initial Developer.
+3.4. Application of Additional Terms. You may not offer or impose any terms on
+any Covered Software in Source Code form that alters or restricts the
+applicable version of this License or the recipients rights hereunder. You may
+choose to offer, and to charge a fee for, warranty, support, indemnity or
+liability obligations to one or more recipients of Covered Software. However,
+you may do so only on Your own behalf, and not on behalf of the Initial
+Developer or any Contributor. You must make it absolutely clear that any such
+warranty, support, indemnity or liability obligation is offered by You alone,
+and You hereby agree to indemnify the Initial Developer and every Contributor
+for any liability incurred by the Initial Developer or such Contributor as a
+result of warranty, support, indemnity or liability terms You offer.
+3.5. Distribution of Executable Versions. You may distribute the Executable
+form of the Covered Software under the terms of this License or under the terms
+of a license of Your choice, which may contain terms different from this
+License, provided that You are in compliance with the terms of this License and
+that the license for the Executable form does not attempt to limit or alter the
+recipients rights in the Source Code form from the rights set forth in this
+License. If You distribute the Covered Software in Executable form under a
+different license, You must make it absolutely clear that any terms which
+differ from this License are offered by You alone, not by the Initial Developer
+or Contributor. You hereby agree to indemnify the Initial Developer and every
+Contributor for any liability incurred by the Initial Developer or such
+Contributor as a result of any such terms You offer.
+3.6. Larger Works. You may create a Larger Work by combining Covered Software
+with other code not governed by the terms of this License and distribute the
+Larger Work as a single product. In such a case, You must make sure the
+requirements of this License are fulfilled for the Covered Software.
+4. Versions of the License.
+4.1. New Versions. Sun Microsystems, Inc. is the initial license steward and
+may publish revised and/or new versions of this License from time to time. Each
+version will be given a distinguishing version number. Except as provided in
+Section 4.3, no one other than the license steward has the right to modify this
+4.2. Effect of New Versions.
+You may always continue to use, distribute or otherwise make the Covered
+Software available under the terms of the version of the License under which
+You originally received the Covered Software. If the Initial Developer includes
+a notice in the Original Software prohibiting it from being distributed or
+otherwise made available under any subsequent version of the License, You must
+distribute and make the Covered Software available under the terms of the
+version of the License under which You originally received the Covered
+Software. Otherwise, You may also choose to use, distribute or otherwise make
+the Covered Software available under the terms of any subsequent version of the
+License published by the license steward. 4.3. Modified Versions.
+When You are an Initial Developer and You want to create a new license for Your
+Original Software, You may create and use a modified version of this License if
+You: (a)???rename the license and remove any references to the name of the
+license steward (except to note that the license differs from this License);
+and (b)???otherwise make it clear that the license contains terms which differ
+from this License.
+6.1. This License and the rights granted hereunder will terminate automatically
+if You fail to comply with terms herein and fail to cure such breach within 30
+days of becoming aware of the breach. Provisions which, by their nature, must
+remain in effect beyond the termination of this License shall survive.
+6.2. If You assert a patent infringement claim (excluding declaratory judgment
+actions) against Initial Developer or a Contributor (the Initial Developer or
+Contributor against whom You assert such claim is referred to as Participant)
+alleging that the Participant Software (meaning the Contributor Version where
+the Participant is a Contributor or the Original Software where the Participant
+is the Initial Developer) directly or indirectly infringes any patent, then any
+and all rights granted directly or indirectly to You by such Participant, the
+Initial Developer (if the Initial Developer is not the Participant) and all
+Contributors under Sections???2.1 and/or 2.2 of this License shall, upon 60 days
+notice from Participant terminate prospectively and automatically at the
+expiration of such 60 day notice period, unless if within such 60 day period
+You withdraw Your claim with respect to the Participant Software against such
+Participant either unilaterally or pursuant to a written agreement with
+6.3. In the event of termination under Sections???6.1 or 6.2 above, all end user
+licenses that have been validly granted by You or any distributor hereunder
+prior to termination (excluding licenses granted to You by any distributor)
+shall survive termination.
+The Covered Software is a commercial item, as that term is defined in
+48???C.F.R.???2.101 (Oct. 1995), consisting of commercial computer software (as
+that term is defined at 48 C.F.R. ???252.227-7014(a)(1)) and commercial computer
+software documentation as such terms are used in 48???C.F.R.???12.212 (Sept. 1995).
+Consistent with 48 C.F.R. 12.212 and 48 C.F.R. 227.7202-1 through 227.7202-4
+(June 1995), all U.S. Government End Users acquire Covered Software with only
+those rights set forth herein. This U.S. Government Rights clause is in lieu
+of, and supersedes, any other FAR, DFAR, or other clause or provision that
+addresses Government rights in computer software under this License.
+This License represents the complete agreement concerning subject matter
+hereof. If any provision of this License is held to be unenforceable, such
+provision shall be reformed only to the extent necessary to make it
+enforceable. This License shall be governed by the law of the jurisdiction
+specified in a notice contained within the Original Software (except to the
+extent applicable law, if any, provides otherwise), excluding such
+jurisdictions conflict-of-law provisions. Any litigation relating to this
+License shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts located in the
+jurisdiction and venue specified in a notice contained within the Original
+Software, with the losing party responsible for costs, including, without
+limitation, court costs and reasonable attorneys fees and expenses. The
+application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International
+Sale of Goods is expressly excluded. Any law or regulation which provides that
+the language of a contract shall be construed against the drafter shall not
+apply to this License. You agree that You alone are responsible for compliance
+with the United States export administration regulations (and the export
+control laws and regulation of any other countries) when You use, distribute or
+otherwise make available any Covered Software.
+As between Initial Developer and the Contributors, each party is responsible
+for claims and damages arising, directly or indirectly, out of its utilization
+of rights under this License and You agree to work with Initial Developer and
+Contributors to distribute such responsibility on an equitable basis. Nothing
+herein is intended or shall be deemed to constitute any admission of liability.
+(CDDL) The GlassFish code released under the CDDL shall be governed by the laws
+of the State of California (excluding conflict-of-law provisions). Any
+litigation relating to this License shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the
+Federal Courts of the Northern District of California and the state courts of
+the State of California, with venue lying in Santa Clara County, California.
+The following license applies to parts of the lucene-snowball jar
+that are generated from the snowball sources at
+The BSD License
+Copyright (c) 2001, Dr Martin Porter, Copyright (c) 2002, Richard Boulton
+All rights reserved.
+Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
+modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:
+ * Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice,
+ this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
+ * Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice,
+ this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation
+ and/or other materials provided with the distribution.
+ * Neither the name of the <ORGANIZATION> nor the names of its contributors
+ may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software
+ without specific prior written permission.