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The YASMINE (Yet Another Symbolic Modelling INteractive Engine) Project
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The YASMINE (Yet Another Symbolic Modelling INteractive Environment)
project started off in fall 2011 as a tentative and partial C++
reimplementation of the NuSMV2 model checker. As a former member of
the NuSMV2 development team (in the years from 2008 to 2011) I was
never happy with a few architectural choices, inherited from the long
history of the NuSMV model checker and/or due to the amount of legacy
code and tools that relied on it. Don't get me wrong, I really think
NuSMV is a great piece of software. And I owe to the developers and
researchers in FBK most - if not all - of my scientific and software
engineering training. Those people are really fantastic. It's just
that I have been wondering for years what that project would have been
like, if one was completely free to redesign it all from the
scratch. This is exactly why this project exists in the first place.

Overtime, YASMINE has significantly diverged from the original goal of
making a NuSMV re-implementation. The input language for YASMINE is a
dialect of SMV which retains only partial compatibility with NuSMV's
original SMV language. Current goal is to match as closely as possible
the data model of the C language, in order to have a working
verification engine to be used in formal verification of C code. But
this is antipaticing the future. There still is an insane amount of
work that needs to be done, before it's even conceivable to start
trying. I think of this project as a full-fledged interactive
environment for symbolic model verification among other things. The
tool is designed and crafted with high flexibility requirements as a
test bed for new ideas - knowing for sure some of them will prove
quite unsatisfactory. Of course, feedback (and criticism too) is very
welcome, expecially if constructive.

According to my best knowledge, the main differences between the two
systems are:

0. Technology

   YASMINE is 100% gnu++98 C++ code, using Algebraic Decision Diagrams
   (ADDs) to perform manipulation of formulas. Reasoning technology is
   SAT-based. On the other hand, NuSMV evolved overtime from a pure
   BDD-based system to a hybrid BDD/SAT model checker.

   YASMINE natively uses a portfolio-like approach, spawning multiple
   processes for each model checking problem, in order to exploit
   modern multi-core CPUs parallel processing capabilities. AFAICT,
   NuSMV is not (yet) natively capable of performing multiple checking
   algorithms on the same property in parallel, I'm not aware though,
   whether or not this is already in the works.

   The parser for both the input model language and the interpreter
   shell is a LL(1) (with a few exceptions) top-down parser built with
   the ANTLR parser generator, using Jim Idle's back-end for C code
   generation. AFAIK, NuSMV uses a more standard bottom-up GNU LALR
   Bison parser.

   The well known C++ BOOST libraries are extensively used for
   high-performance hashtables, automated unit and integration
   testing, program options parsing and regular expression matching.

1. Input language

1.1. The type system and operator semantics has been carefully
     redesigned, to match standard C semanthics as closely as
     possible. As stated above, main driving application scenario for
     this design is software model checking. *All* integer arithmetic
     is 2's complement as it would be performed by any C compiler.

     1.1.1. NuSMV's finite range integer types and int enumeratives
            are not supported. Models should use ordinary integer
            types (either signed or unsigned). Users are encouraged to
            adopt c99 integer types: (u)int8_t, (u)int16_t,
            (u)int32_t, (u)int64_t;

     1.1.2. Support for Fixed-point rational arithmetic;

     1.1.3. Enumeratives must be pure symbolic (all literals as
            identifiers) AND disjunct;

     1.1.4. All C standard notations for integers (octal, decimal,
            hexadecimal) are supported (e.g. 052, 42, 0x2a). NuSMV's
            special-purpose format for bitvectors is *not* supported;

     1.1.5. Non-determinism is supported using the ANY construct; (FUTURE)
            (e.g. x = ANY(2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23))

1.2. No INVARSPEC, LTLSPEC, CTLSPEC, (...) in input models. YASMINE
     models are just that: models (namely, FSM descriptions). Support
     is given at the command level in the interactive shell, in order
     to allow specifing properties to be checked. Currently only
     invariant checking is in scope;

2. Interactive environment

2.1. The YASMINE shell provides a fully Turing-complete interpreted
     language for process control: constructs are provided for result
     inspection (IF), looping (WHILE), and formatted output (PRINT)
     among other things. The tool is designed to be fully scriptable;


This code is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
Lesser General Public License for more details.

YASMINE is in no way related to, or endorsed by, the NuSMV2
development board and/or FBK. YASMINE does not contain *a single* line
of code coming from NuSMV's codebase, with the possible exception of
the custom MiniSAT solver that was part of *my* B. Sc. dissertation.
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