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"""Determine notebook or cell language"""
# Jupyter magic commands that are also languages
_JUPYTER_LANGUAGES = ['R', 'bash', 'sh', 'python', 'python2', 'python3', 'javascript', 'js', 'perl',
'html', 'latex', 'markdown', 'pypy', 'ruby', 'script', 'svg',
'matlab', 'octave', 'idl', 'spark', 'sql']
# Supported file extensions (and languages)
# Please add more languages here (and add a few tests) - see
_SCRIPT_EXTENSIONS = {'.py': {'language': 'python', 'comment': '#'},
'.R': {'language': 'R', 'comment': '#'},
'.r': {'language': 'R', 'comment': '#'},
'.jl': {'language': 'julia', 'comment': '#'},
'.cpp': {'language': 'c++', 'comment': '//'},
'.ss': {'language': 'scheme', 'comment': ';;'},
'.clj': {'language': 'clojure', 'comment': ';;'},
'.scm': {'language': 'scheme', 'comment': ';;'},
'.sh': {'language': 'bash', 'comment': '#'},
'.q': {'language': 'q', 'comment': '/'},
'.m': {'language': 'matlab', 'comment': '%'},
'.pro': {'language': 'idl', 'comment': ';'},
'.js': {'language': 'javascript', 'comment': '//'},
'.ts': {'language': 'typescript', 'comment': '//'},
'.scala': {'language': 'scala', 'comment': '//'}}
_SCRIPT_EXTENSIONS[ext]['comment'] != '#']
_SCRIPT_EXTENSIONS[ext]['language'] for ext in _SCRIPT_EXTENSIONS if
def default_language_from_metadata_and_ext(metadata, ext):
"""Return the default language given the notebook metadata, and a file extension"""
default_from_ext = _SCRIPT_EXTENSIONS.get(ext, {}).get('language')
language = (metadata.get('jupytext', {}).get('main_language')
or metadata.get('kernelspec', {}).get('language')
or default_from_ext)
if language is None or language == 'R':
return language
if language.startswith('C++'):
return 'c++'
return language.lower()
def set_main_and_cell_language(metadata, cells, ext):
"""Set main language for the given collection of cells, and
use magics for cells that use other languages"""
main_language = default_language_from_metadata_and_ext(metadata, ext)
if main_language is None:
languages = {'python': 0.5}
for cell in cells:
if 'language' in cell['metadata']:
language = cell['metadata']['language']
languages[language] = languages.get(language, 0.0) + 1
main_language = max(languages, key=languages.get)
# save main language when no kernel is set
if 'language' not in metadata.get('kernelspec', {}) and cells:
metadata.setdefault('jupytext', {})['main_language'] = main_language
# Remove 'language' meta data and add a magic if not main language
for cell in cells:
if 'language' in cell['metadata']:
language = cell['metadata'].pop('language')
if language != main_language and language in _JUPYTER_LANGUAGES:
if 'magic_args' in cell['metadata']:
magic_args = cell['metadata'].pop('magic_args')
cell['source'] = u'%%{} {}\n'.format(language, magic_args) + cell['source']
cell['source'] = u'%%{}\n'.format(language) + cell['source']
def cell_language(source):
"""Return cell language and language options, if any"""
if source:
line = source[0]
if line.startswith('%%'):
magic = line[2:]
if ' ' in magic:
lang, magic_args = magic.split(' ', 1)
lang = magic
magic_args = ''
return lang, magic_args
return None, None
def comment_lines(lines, prefix):
"""Return commented lines"""
if not prefix:
return lines
return [prefix + ' ' + line if line else prefix for line in lines]
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