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Jupytext at PyParis 2018

On November 14, 2018 I had the opportunity to present Jupytext at the PyParis 2018 conference. Click on the below to open the slide deck, or to view the presentation on Youtube:

Slide deck Youtube

What is in the presentation?

In the presentation I demo Jupytext and show how you can use it to

  • represent a Jupyter notebook as a script,
  • reversely, open and run a Python, R, Bash (etc) script in the form of a Jupyter notebook,
  • refactor a notebook represented as a script, and update the original notebook,
  • combine multiple contributions to a notebook.

Demo material

The repository also contains:

  • The source files for the presentation.
  • The demo script and material. Use our binder to run the demo step-by-step: Binder.
  • The Greenhouse gas emissions notebook:
    • Read the notebook on the Jupyter Notebook Viewer: nbviewer.
    • Run our notebook and use its interactive metric explorer with Binder: Binder.