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Kernel driver to fuzz Hyper-V hypercalls
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Viridian Fuzzer

It is a kernel driver that make hypercalls, execute CPUID, read/write to MSRs from CPL0.


  • Requires a scheduled task, start at logon with admin privs
  • Requires ViFu3.h defines for share address
  • Store credentials of parent UNC in guest credential manager
  • Compiled as x64 Debug
  • Tested in Win10, with Hypercall Dispatch Table extracted for 1607


  • Every time a fuzz attempt is ran it first writes info to fuzz_logger.txt, and registry data to VIFU_LOG.txt
  • On fuzzer start, a datetime is written to fuzz_logger.txt, and checks if log has any data written to it. If so find the latest fuzz entry, and increment to next isFast/isRep, then continue fuzzing
  • To start/stop autostart of fuzzer, create/delete file autoStart.txt in the log share.
    • Fuzzer won't start if it can't connect to share
  • To add more fuzzing rules: UM: add loops to BASIC FUZZER LOOPS, or increment switch() for specific conditions i.e. different GPA mem KM: if mod'ing GPA mem, in case IOCTL_HYPERCALL, add new else if
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