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  • [CORE] OS X Support
  • [CORE] iOS 9 compatibility support [from @ch1kpee]
  • [CORE] Global output path
  • [CORE] Support for SSH public key auth [from @hduarte]
  • [MODULE] Dump contents of keyboard autocomplete cache (storage/caching/keyboard-autocomplete) [from @zakm123]
  • [MODULE] Apple Transport Security (ATS) metadata support (binary/metadata) [from @alexplaskett]
  • [MODULE] Circumvent Touch ID when implemented using LocalAuthentication framework (hooking/cycript/cycript_touchid) [from @istais]
  • [MODULE] storage/data/files_*: now is possible to dump all files [idea from @tghosth]
  • [MODULE] Support for App Extension Bundles metadata (binary/metadata) [from @alexplaskett]
  • [MODULE] Display an applications universal links (binary/universal_links) [from @alexplaskett]
  • [MODULE] Show the content of the device's /etc/hosts file, and offer the chance to edit it (various/hosts)
  • [SUPPORT] Contribution guide and module templates
  • [SUPPORT] Logo and Twitter handle


  • [CORE] TCPrelay execute mode permissions
  • [CORE] Install coreutils beforehand
  • [CORE] Replaced frida.spawn with uiopen
  • [CORE] Error on exit and get_ip for OS X
  • [CORE] Fixed 2 bugs related to TCP relay and refresh of the connection parameters [from @hduarte]
  • [CORE] iOS 9.3.3 search pid support inside containers [from @n1xf1]
  • [CORE] Issues with paths containing spaces
  • [MODULE] Dump keychain even when no apps are installed
  • [MODULE] Minor edits on module descriptions [from @tghosth]
  • [MODULE] DTPlatformVersion exception [from @alexplaskett]
  • [MODULE] Keychain Dump: reverted back to keychaineditor
  • [MODULE] Syslog watch (dynamic/watch/syslog) and monitor (dynamic/monitor/syslog) not working when using SSH over wi-Fi: switched to ondeviceconsole


  • [CORE] Dependencies check
  • [CORE] Dependency to libimobiledevice
  • [MODULE] Unstable modules (fuzz_ipc, lldb_shell)