@marco-lancini marco-lancini released this May 5, 2017 · 83 commits to master since this release

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  • [CORE] Issue Auto-Detection: modules will now automatically detect and keep track of issues in the target app.
    All the issues are going to be stored in the issues.db SQLite database, contained in the chosen output directory.
    Every issue will hold the following attributes: app, module, name, content, confidence level ('HIGH', 'MEDIUM', 'INVESTIGATE', 'INFORMATIONAL'), outfile

  • [CORE] New commands: issues (list all the issues identified), add_issue (manually add an issue to the collection)

  • [CORE] Frida Attach or Spawn: added option in Frida modules to either attach to or spawn a process

  • [CORE] New global option: skip_output_folder_check. It allows to skip the check that ensures the output folder does not already contain other files

  • [MODULE] Created the device category

  • [MODULE] Dependency Installer (device/dependency_installer)

  • [MODULE] MDM Effective User Settings (mdm/effective_user_settings) [from @osimonnet]


  • [CORE] Moved installation of dependencies to its own module (device/dependency_installer)
  • [CORE] Frida support for 32bit devices
  • [CORE] Automatic reconnection if SSH/Agent connection drops (Retry decorator)
  • [CORE] Re-introduce support for ipainstaller (iOS<10)
  • [MODULE] Compatibility of modules requiring app decryption (iOS 10)


  • [CORE] SETUP_DEVICE global option, in favour of device/dependency_installer