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Command Reference

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Command Description
<cmd> Execute a command on the local workstation
<push\pull> <src> <dst> Push/pull files on the device
add_issue Start a wizard that will allow to manually add an issue
back Unload module
exec_command <cmd> Execute a single command on the remote device
exit Terminate the needle session
help Display help about a particular command or module
info Display metadata, description, and options of the current module
issues List the issues already identified
jobs List running background jobs
kill <num> Kill the specified background job
reload Reload the current module from disk
run Executes a module
search <query> Search available modules that matches the query
set Store a value in a variable
shell Start an interactive shell on the device
show [options\source\info\globals] Show details of a particular module, once selected
show modules Show a list of all needle modules that can be executed
unset Remove a named variable
use <module_name> Load the specified module
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