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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Web;
using RequestReduce.Api;
using RequestReduce.Module;
using RequestReduce.Store;
using RequestReduce.Utilities;
using RequestReduce.IOC;
namespace RequestReduce.SqlServer
public class SqlServerStore : IStore
private readonly IUriBuilder uriBuilder;
private readonly IFileRepository repository;
internal readonly IStore FileStore;
private readonly IReductionRepository reductionRepository;
public SqlServerStore(IUriBuilder uriBuilder, IFileRepository repository, LocalDiskStore fileStore, IReductionRepository reductionRepository)
RRTracer.Trace("Sql Server Store Created.");
this.uriBuilder = uriBuilder;
this.repository = repository;
FileStore = fileStore;
this.reductionRepository = reductionRepository;
public void Flush(Guid keyGuid)
if(keyGuid == Guid.Empty)
var urls = GetSavedUrls();
foreach (var key in urls.Keys)
var files = repository.GetFilesFromKey(keyGuid);
foreach (var file in files)
file.IsExpired = true;
public void Dispose()
RRTracer.Trace("Sql Server Store Disposed.");
public void Save(byte[] content, string url, string originalUrls)
RRTracer.Trace("Saving {0} to db.", url);
var fileName = uriBuilder.ParseFileName(url);
var key = uriBuilder.ParseKey(url);
var id = Hasher.Hash(fileName);
var file = repository.SingleOrDefault<RequestReduceFile>(id) ?? new RequestReduceFile();
file.Content = content;
file.LastUpdated = DateTime.Now;
file.FileName = fileName;
file.Key = key;
file.RequestReduceFileId = id;
file.OriginalName = originalUrls;
file.IsExpired = false;
FileStore.Save(content, url, originalUrls);
if (!url.ToLower().EndsWith(".png"))
reductionRepository.AddReduction(key, url);
RRTracer.Trace("{0} saved to db.", url);
public bool SendContent(string url, HttpResponseBase response)
if (FileStore.SendContent(url, response))
return true;
var key = uriBuilder.ParseKey(url);
var id = Hasher.Hash(uriBuilder.ParseFileName(url));
var file = repository.SingleOrDefault<RequestReduceFile>(id);
if(file != null)
FileStore.Save(file.Content, url, null);
catch(Exception ex)
var message = string.Format("could not save {0}", url);
var wrappedException =
new ApplicationException(message, ex);
if (Registry.CaptureErrorAction != null)
RRTracer.Trace("{0} transmitted from db.", url);
if (file.IsExpired)
return true;
RRTracer.Trace("{0} not found on file or db.", url);
return false;
public IDictionary<Guid, string> GetSavedUrls()
RRTracer.Trace("SqlServerStore Looking for previously saved content.");
var files = repository.GetActiveFiles();
return files.ToDictionary(file => uriBuilder.ParseKey(file), file => uriBuilder.BuildResourceUrl(uriBuilder.ParseKey(file), uriBuilder.ParseSignature(file), RRContainer.GetAllResourceTypes().SingleOrDefault(x => file.EndsWith(x.FileName)).GetType()));
public string GetUrlByKey(Guid keyGuid, Type resourceType)
var fileName = repository.GetActiveUrlByKey(keyGuid, resourceType);
return fileName == null ? null : uriBuilder.BuildResourceUrl(uriBuilder.ParseKey(fileName), uriBuilder.ParseSignature(fileName), resourceType);
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