Sample cookbook for configuring a docker host on Windows Nano


A sample cookbook that can configure a Windows Nano Server as a Docker container host.


  • chef-dk 0.18.26 or greater
  • Recent version of Vagrant

Creating the nano docker host with test kitchen

  • simply run kitchen converge
  • Creates a Nano vagrant box running as a docker host and listening on port 2375
  • On VirtualBox add a port forwarding rule for port 2375 from host to guest
  • Set DOCKER_HOST to tcp://<ip of vm>:2375
  • Now docker commands should run against the Nano host

Running a windows container

  • Install the docker client locally (windows or linux)
  • Ensure your DOCKER_HOST is set as above
  • docker pull microsoft/nanoserver
  • docker run -it microsoft/nanoserver powershell

Vagrant hang on Nano RTM

There is an issue with the RTM Windows Nano image that will hang a vagrant box when it first tries to authenticate during kitchen create. Vagrant validates winrm connectivity using powershell in such a way that breaks. A small change to the vagrant source can work around this. Update C:\HashiCorp\Vagrant\embedded\gems\gems\vagrant-1.8.5\plugins\communicators\winrm\communicator.rb and change

        result = Timeout.timeout(@machine.config.winrm.timeout) do


        result = Timeout.timeout(@machine.config.winrm.timeout) do

This PR has been submitted to fix this in Vagrant.

I want to run on Windows Azure

You can do this using Stuart Preston's excellent kitchen-azurerm driver.

Change the .kitchen.yml driver and platform config to look like:

  name: azurerm

  subscription_id: 'your subscription id'
  location: 'West Europe'
  machine_size: 'Standard_F1'

  - name: windowsnano
      image_urn: MicrosoftWindowsServer:WindowsServer:2016-Nano-Server-Technical-Preview:latest

See the kitchen-azurerm readme for details regarding azure authentication configuration.