A modified version of Duck Hunt running on Python
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Python Duck Hunt

This was a project I did while still in high school, the objective was to recreate a classic game using Python.

The game of my choice was Duck Hunt which was released in 1984/1985/1987 (Japan/US/Europe) for NES console.


For my game I added a little twist to it, the goal of the game is simple, shoot as many ducks as possible using the least amount of shots in the time provided to you.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Game Play and Controls

Controls for this game are extremely simple, simply use the mouse to move the cursor around on the screen.

P - Pause and unpause the game

Left Mouse Click - Shoot

The game gives you one minute to shoot as many ducks, at the end you will see your accuracy and the number of ducks that you successfully hit.

Screenshot 3

Duck Point Value

There are three colors of ducks, and they range in point value.

Black Duck Black Duck - 75 points

Red Duck Red Duck - 50 points

Blue Duck Blue Duck - 25 points


This game requires you to have [Python 3.4.3](https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-343/) installed on your computer, and it will run on any computer with [Python 3.4.3](https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-343/) installed on it.

Along with PyGame and Python you will need to install the LiveWires python module, to do this go to the "Installs/Livewires" folder in this repository and run the "setup.bat" file if you are on Windows. If you're running a version of Linux you should be able to just run the "setup.py" file.

You will also need to download the correct version of PyGame for your operating system.