An AutoIt script I created to automatically detect when oscarmayer posts on their Twitter that the Mini Wiener Rovers are for sale, it will then open the link posted in IE (which can easily be automated using AutoIt) and proceed to purchase the item. It does this in ~8 seconds after the tweet was posted.
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The week of Nov. 30 - Dec 4th, 2015 Oscar Mayer was having a promotional sale of 15 RC Wiener Rovers (mini Wiener Mobiles) a day, for $25 on their Twitter.

For some reason I felt the need to have one.

But being a student, I didn't really have the time to sit and monitor their Twitter account all day long, and as a Computer Science major, of course I wrote a program to do it for me.

This program is actually version 3.0, previous versions use the Twitter API which I quickly realised was the wrong choice since they have a rate limit, and on Wednesday, Dec. 2nd, they had sold out in under 30 seconds.

So I went to AutoIt to easily scrape their Twitter page (not using the Twitter API) and detect when they tweeted the Fancy link.

On the very last day, this script bought me one! Console Output on December 4th


If you run this, and your Twitter account is setup to be able to quickly purchase stuff, I am not responsible for whatever items this script may or may not automatically buy.