A small make-like build tool.
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Go-Make is a small, make-like, build tool inspired by make, designed to run on Windows.

It has the basic features of make.


To use download dist/go-make.exe and save it anywhere on your computer, then add the path you saved it in to your PATH environmental variable.

Basic Features

Your make file can have:

  • Multiple sections, specified in any order that can call eachother
  • Global scoped and local scoped variables (case insensitive)
  • Comments (no inline comments!)
  • $(DIR) variable by default set to the working directory

Comming Soon:

  • Setting variables in command line arguments
  • Inline comments

The Makefile

Below is an example of a simple go-make build script

# This is a comment 
GLOBAL = I am a global variable 

	echo $(GLOBAL)
	GLOBAL = I am a local variable overriding a global variable 
	echo $(GLOBAL)
	# Execute commands in the other section 

Save this as makefile in your directory.

To execute this, simply use go-make in the command prompt in your working directory

You will see the following output:

echo I am a local variable overriding a global variable
        I am a local variable overriding a global variable

echo I am a global variable
        I am a global variable

Make finished

Output formatting

The output for go-make is formatted in the following way:

Command 1 
	Command 1 Output 
Command n 
	Command n Output 

Make Finished 

Command Line Parameters

Go-make currently supports two command line arguments:

-f filename # This specifies the filename of the makefile you want to run (default: makefile)

-s section # This specifies the section name to run (default: all)