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NBA team playoffs elimination date
Writeup Solving Process Explanation.pdf


Writeup: Solving Process Explanation

In this Bonus question, we take three steps to get the result of when a team is eliminated from the Playoffs.

  1. Read the rules and figure out what to do.
  2. Get the most useful tables from original data. The tables include:
  • Daily team vs team wins table, which would help us break ties;
  • Daily team cumulative performance table, which would help us rank teams.
  1. Build the algorithms to determine when a team is eliminated.
  • Determine which team is the 8th team in each conference;
  • Determine the “Maximum possible winning rate” and “Minimum possible winning rate”, and compare the “Minimum possible winning rate” of the 8th team to the “Maximum possible winning rate” of teams ranked after 8th. If the former is greater, then the compared team is eliminated on that day.
  • Break ties based on the rules and priority given.
  • Use a dictionary to update elimination date (loop from the last game day to the first game day). Complete the result list by filling the teams that entered the Playoffs. Then we get the final result: