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A recent photo slideshow of your Flickr Friends for the OS X Dashboard
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Flickr Friends Screenshot

Press the "i" and set your Flickr screen name — from now on the widget will show a continuous slideshow of your Friends' recent uploads.

Please note your Flickr screen name is not your Yahoo username, or your Flickr username, but is usually your full name (if you set it). Check by going to Flickr; where it says "Hi/Hello/OHAI foo" — foo is your screen name.

I would apologise for this annoyance, but it is entirely Flickr's fault.

Future Plans

  • Square off images sensibly;
    • Long-thin images should not be stretched vertically — leave gaps
    • Clip the edges of slightly rectangular images
    • Blow up small mostly square images
  • Show additional information on mouse over
    • eg. show who took the picture and their avatar


This software is in the public domain, furnished "as is", without technical support, and with no warranty, express or implied, as to its usefulness for any purpose.

This distribution was created by Max Howell.

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