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// Originally created by Max Howell in October 2011.
// This class is in the public domain.
// MBWebSocketServer accepts client connections as soon as it is instantiated.
// Implementated against:
#import "GCDAsyncSocket.h"
@protocol MBWebSocketServerDelegate;
@interface MBWebSocketServer : NSObject {
GCDAsyncSocket *socket;
NSMutableArray *connections;
- (id)initWithPort:(NSUInteger)port delegate:(id<MBWebSocketServerDelegate>)delegate;
// Sends this data to all open connections. The object must respond to
// webSocketFrameData. We provide implementations for NSData and NSString.
// You may like to, eg: provide implementations for NSDictionary, encoding into a
// JSON string before calling [NSString webSocketFrameData].
- (void)send:(id)object;
@property (nonatomic, readonly) NSUInteger port;
@property (nonatomic, weak) id<MBWebSocketServerDelegate> delegate;
@property (nonatomic, readonly) NSUInteger clientCount;
@protocol MBWebSocketServerDelegate
- (void)webSocketServer:(MBWebSocketServer *)webSocketServer didAcceptConnection:(GCDAsyncSocket *)connection;
- (void)webSocketServer:(MBWebSocketServer *)webSocketServer clientDisconnected:(GCDAsyncSocket *)connection;
- (void)webSocketServer:(MBWebSocketServer *)webSocket didReceiveData:(NSData *)data fromConnection:(GCDAsyncSocket *)connection;
// Data is passed to you as it was received from the socket, ie. with header & masked
// We disconnect the connection immediately after your delegate call returns.
// This always disconnect behavior sucks and should be fixed, but requires more
// intelligent error handling, so feel free to fix that.
- (void)webSocketServer:(MBWebSocketServer *)webSocketServer couldNotParseRawData:(NSData *)rawData fromConnection:(GCDAsyncSocket *)connection error:(NSError *)error;
@interface GCDAsyncSocket (MBWebSocketServer)
- (void)writeWebSocketFrame:(id)object;
@interface NSData (MBWebSocketServer)
- (NSData *)webSocketFrameData;