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import Dispatch
PromiseKit’s configurable parameters.
Do not change these after any Promise machinery executes as the configuration object is not thread-safe.
We would like it to be, but sadly `Swift` does not expose `dispatch_once` et al. which is what we used to use in order to make the configuration immutable once first used.
public struct PMKConfiguration {
/// The default queues that promises handlers dispatch to
public var Q: (map: DispatchQueue?, return: DispatchQueue?) = (map: DispatchQueue.main, return: DispatchQueue.main)
/// The default catch-policy for all `catch` and `resolve`
public var catchPolicy = CatchPolicy.allErrorsExceptCancellation
/// The closure used to log PromiseKit events.
/// Not thread safe; change before processing any promises.
/// - Note: The default handler calls `print()`
public var logHandler: (LogEvent) -> () = { event in
switch event {
case .waitOnMainThread:
print("PromiseKit: warning: `wait()` called on main thread!")
case .pendingPromiseDeallocated:
print("PromiseKit: warning: pending promise deallocated")
case .pendingGuaranteeDeallocated:
print("PromiseKit: warning: pending guarantee deallocated")
case .cauterized (let error):
print("PromiseKit:cauterized-error: \(error)")
/// Modify this as soon as possible in your application’s lifetime
public var conf = PMKConfiguration()
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