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Enough with the bazillion lines of array parsing logic. YOLO.

@import YOLOKit;

campaigns.reject(^(PPCampaign *campaign){
    return campaign.locked;
}).pluck(@"venues").flatten.each(^(PPVenue *venue){
    [geofencer startMonitoringForRegion:venue.region];
  • YOLOKit is completely modular, if you only want map then only have map: pod "YOLOKit/map"
  • YOLOKit is thorough, well-tested and inside apps on the store
  • Every single method in YOLOKit was carefully considered; every detail poured over. YOLOKit is not just a direct port of Ruby’s Enumerable or Underscore, it is a delightful implementation inspired by such but designed for your needs as an iOS developer.

YOLOKit is thoroughly documented at