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Homebrew 2 Design Bin

This is just some messing around in the aid of improving Homebrew for revision two. Don't worry, we'll finish Homebrew 1.0 first.

Feel free to fork and suggest improvements.


  • A standards compliant c-compiler
  • BSD or GNU curl, tar, unzip
  • Ruby 1.8+
  • The following base libraries:

libz libxml2 libcrypto libcurl libiconv libpng libicucore libm libpam libpcre libq

Basically everything that MacOS comes with.

1.0 TODO

Stuff that must be done before even considering 2.0

  • when upgrading and removing deps
    • executables of all formula that depend on it for their install_name deps to ensure the new version has that dylib still, otherwise abort
  • allow upgrade keg-only formula, but don't delete old keg, ensure user is aware of the reasons the old ones are still around
  • If destination of Cellar->PREFIX symlink exists and is a directory, abort!
  • Fix autotools
  • optional deps:
  • Don't by default allow people to uninstall deps of other things (requires install_recipt)


  • OS-agnostic
  • Make brew-bot set new master after running tests for core changes, collaborators can set future_master or whatever
  • Build proper tests for everything as-we-go
  • versions have to be Ruby numerical
  • deps can depend on >= versions
  • conflicts can be defined (formula, including variants, including taps)
  • brew doctor will scan for all base deps on the system too so that we can be used on Linux
  • cache git checkouts as eg. foo.git. Should be possible to pull multiple histories into same .git folder and then checkout as appropriate
  • make brew upgrade show which formula are new versions and which are just updates to some other part of the formula
  • proper handling for etc files (make a new git repo and version control them)
  • Don't store metadata eg. LinkedKegs/Taps in a repo directory
  • put core homebrew library code in lib?
  • Handle frameworks that are compiled properly?
  • Tap specific cellars? Would allow you to install tapped dupes and keep them keg-only. /etc/cellar/mxcl-master/ /etc/cellar/homebrew-dupes/
  • Metadata in cellar: /etc/cellar/mxcl-master/foo/HOLD #empty file /etc/cellar/homebrew-dupes/foo/CURRENT -> 1.10 #symlink
  • Support formula renames well and without regression
  • - is not valid in version strings
  • Figure out allowed characters for github repos and usernames and ensure we support all that without messing about.
  • upgrading HEAD formula
  • operate on the active keg link as a default, stops weird behavior like brew rm ack uninstalling whatever keg is left in there. If it is not actively linked then this should be a cleanup operation, possibly
  • Can do in ruby script: require brew --require
  • Need to handle formula from a tap not loading because using features from newer brew-core code. Possibly just handle exception and prompt user to update
  • copy the formula that was used for install into the keg, so eg. we can see which deps where used when installing.
  • A great launchctl system
  • A great .app system
  • Allow formula to output strings. Eg: brew couchdb --plist-path NOTE only strings
  • Formula.etc should not necessarily be PREFIX/etc but we should manage etc files and probably automatically diff for previous versions and inform the user about stuff or ideally put the diff in the git staging area or something
  • If a formula has another formula eg. ruby and ruby19 then all formula names should be versioned
  • Make it so dependencies or dependencies install by saying what they are deps off: installing foo dep of bar dep of goo
  • Link Frameworks in
  • Can adopt command format of other popular package managers, eg. apt. Maybe this would turn out stupid, but worth a play.
  • Allow passing of any configure arguments on CLI, eg. --configure--with-foo

  • Build into opt and then move old versions into an archive-pen. Switching is literally moving the directory and re-symlinking. Simplifies everything.

Brew2 Taps

  • taps end with .hbtap or .brewtap so they can easily by googled/github-searche
  • capability for extensions to manage other things, eg. textmate bundles, quicklook plugins, cocoapods
  • allow taps hooks so they can modify homebrew behavior, eg. have an uninstall hook
  • allow dependencies to be virtual, they are eg lib/brew/deps/x11 this is a requirement
  • for linux formula can have a component that detects them from the system this can also thus be used on mac to determine if pre-existing and installed libraries are new enough etc.
  • Support for Aliases, requires the Formula style tap layout
  • If the tap is a full URL first try to checkout a "homebrew" branch, encouraging people to put the formula in a detached-branch if they store formula in the repo that is also their source repo, this will keep the fetch size down (I think) and keep things neater in the checked-out tap.

NOTE in brew 2 currently HOMEBREW_REPOSITORY must equal HOMEBREW_PREFIX I'm not sure if we should give a shit? It's not possible to have a regular UNIX directory structure and have that feature. Regular UNIX dirs is desirable IMO. But maybe not that worth it?

NOTE in brew 2 we lose /Library and spread everything around in a POSIX fashion. This is kind of better, kind of worse. Overall I prefer it, but maybe it's not the right thing to do still.


Removed formula from a tap can then be overridden by new formula with the same name. Must be be made impossible.


Having pango not upgrade to new cairo caused build issues

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