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# This file is part of MXE.
# See index.html for further information.
PKG := vtk
$(PKG)_CHECKSUM := ece52f4fa92811fe927581e60ecb39a8a5f68cd9
$(PKG)_FILE := $(PKG)-$($(PKG)_VERSION).tar.gz
$(PKG)_URL :=$($(PKG)_FILE)
$(PKG)_DEPS := qt expat freetype jpeg libxml2 libpng tiff zlib libodbc++ postgresql
define $(PKG)_UPDATE
$(WGET) -q -O- ';a=tags' | \
grep 'refs/tags/v[0-9.]*"' | \
$(SED) 's,.*refs/tags/v\(.*\)".*,\1,g;' | \
head -1
define $(PKG)_BUILD
# first we need a native build to create the compile tools
mkdir '$(1)/native_build'
cd '$(1)/native_build' && cmake \
-DOPENGL_INCLUDE_DIR='$(1)/Utilities/ParseOGLExt/headers' \
# only the newly created CompileTools target need to be built
$(MAKE) -C '$(1)/native_build' -j '$(JOBS)' VERBOSE=1 CompileTools
# DirectX is detected on Mac OSX but requires a DX10 header - dxgi.h
rm '$(1)/CMake/FindDirectX.cmake'
# now for the cross compilation
mkdir '$(1)/cross_build'
cd '$(1)/cross_build' && cmake \
-C '$(1)/TryRunResults.cmake'\
$(MAKE) -C '$(1)/cross_build' -j '$(JOBS)' install VERBOSE=1
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