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# This file is part of MXE.
# See index.html for further information.
PKG := vigra
$(PKG)_CHECKSUM := 09f1d506c2748ebeb7d9f1c77ce387f9e7b837d2
$(PKG)_SUBDIR := vigra-$(word 1,$(subst -, ,$($(PKG)_VERSION)))
$(PKG)_FILE := vigra-$($(PKG)_VERSION)-src.tar.gz
$(PKG)_URL :=$($(PKG)_FILE)
$(PKG)_DEPS := gcc jpeg tiff libpng openexr
define $(PKG)_UPDATE
$(WGET) -q -O- '' | \
grep 'Sources' | \
grep '<a href="vigra' | \
$(SED) -n 's,.*"vigra-\([0-9][^"]*\)-src.*,\1,p' | \
define $(PKG)_BUILD
# Make sure the package gets built statically
# NB: we're not actually building vigranumpy, but preparing it in case we ever will won't hurt
$(SED) -i 's,\bSHARED\b,STATIC,' '$(1)/src/impex/CMakeLists.txt'
$(SED) -i 's,\bSHARED\b,STATIC,' '$(1)/config/VIGRA_ADD_NUMPY_MODULE.cmake'
$(SED) -i 's,\bSHARED\b,STATIC,' '$(1)/vigranumpy/test/CMakeLists.txt'
mkdir '$(1)/build'
cd '$(1)/build' && cmake .. \
$(MAKE) -C '$(1)/build' -j '$(JOBS)' install
$(TARGET)-g++ \
'$(2).cpp' -o $(PREFIX)/$(TARGET)/bin/test-vigra.exe \
-lvigraimpex `'$(TARGET)-pkg-config' OpenEXR libtiff-4 libpng --cflags --libs` -ljpeg
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