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# This file is part of MXE. See for licensing information.
PKG := pe-util
$(PKG)_DESCR := List shared object dependencies of a portable executable (PE)
$(PKG)_VERSION := 04f9475
$(PKG)_CHECKSUM := d3f9f713fa9af3d43d3a25b803525752ac75353b2da343af0b82a4fcd318b78a
$(PKG)_GH_CONF := gsauthof/pe-util/branches/master
$(PKG)_DEPS := cc boost pe-parse $(BUILD)~$(PKG)
$(PKG)_DEPS_$(BUILD) := boost cmake pe-parse
# expects pe-parse in source tree as git submodule
$(call PREPARE_PKG_SOURCE,pe-parse,$(BUILD_DIR))
rm -rf '$(SOURCE_DIR)/pe-parse'
mv '$(BUILD_DIR)/$(pe-parse_SUBDIR)' '$(SOURCE_DIR)/pe-parse'
define $(PKG)_BUILD
# install peldd.exe - handy utility (even for static)
cd '$(BUILD_DIR)' && $(TARGET)-cmake '$(SOURCE_DIR)'
$(MAKE) -C '$(BUILD_DIR)' -j '$(JOBS)'
$(MAKE) -C '$(BUILD_DIR)' -j 1 install
# install prefixed wrapper with default paths
(echo '#!/bin/sh'; \
echo 'exec "$(PREFIX)/$(BUILD)/bin/peldd" \
--clear-path \
--path "$(PREFIX)/$(TARGET)/bin" \
"$$@"') \
> '$(PREFIX)/bin/$(TARGET)-peldd'
chmod 0755 '$(PREFIX)/bin/$(TARGET)-peldd'
define $(PKG)_BUILD_$(BUILD)
# build and install the binary
cd '$(BUILD_DIR)' && cmake '$(SOURCE_DIR)' \
$(MAKE) -C '$(BUILD_DIR)' -j '$(JOBS)'
$(MAKE) -C '$(BUILD_DIR)' -j 1 install
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