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A Python wrapper for the MX Atrium API. In order to make requests, you will need to sign up for the MX Atrium API and get a MX-API-KEY and a MX-CLIENT-ID.


Add the atrium module to your source code's directory and import into your source code file with the following

from atriumclient import AtriumClient

Then configure your instance with the following. (The ENVIRONMENT will be either for the development environment or for the production environment.)

atriumClient = AtriumClient("ENVIRONMENT", "YOUR_MX_API_KEY", "YOUR_MX_CLIENT_ID")

Then start using class methods to make calls to the Atrium API for data. See the full Atrium documentation for more details.

# import AtriumClient wrapper class
from atriumclient import AtriumClient

# Configure AtriumClient
atriumClient = AtriumClient("ENVIRONMENT", "YOUR_MX_API_KEY", "YOUR_MX_CLIENT_ID")

# Now begin making Atrium calls
atriumClient.createUser(identifier = "UniqueID") # Create a user, etc...


The /examples directory contains various workflows and code snippets. You will first need to modify the line shown below in each example with the environment, YOUR-MX-API-KEY, and YOUR-MX-CLIENT-ID before running.

atriumClient = AtriumClient("ENVIRONMENT", "YOUR_MX_API_KEY", "YOUR_MX_CLIENT_ID")