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A simple OTA test suite.

Upload jad and jar files from the pc browser(FF/chrome/safari/Opera "DO NOT USE IE") Download jad file from mobile browser. Test auto install the app described in the jad file.


  • node >= 0.4.0
  • express v2.0.0+
  • formidable v0.9.9
  • nun v0.1.13


install node        :
install npm         : curl | sudo sh
install express formidable nun    : npm install express formidable nun


cat config.template.js > config.js
vi config.js //Change listener ip and port

start server

cd your ota path
stop the server: ota_path/ stop

Access the app:

pc upload file      : http://localhost:8000/
mobile wap download : http://your-server-public-domain:8000/wap