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pipe().pipe() request and response and router like connect

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About request.pipe

rquest.pipe is a piped chain request module for node.js

  • You can use it like pipe(stream1).pipe(stream2).pipe(stream-X);
  • Chaining stream for request and response
  • connect style router pipes for request and response depends on request and response headers;

It`s here ... now!...^_^


  1. install module request.pipe: npm install request.pipe (not push tu npm repo);
  2. use bin/config.js enable desable exists plugins;
  3. write your own strem module or use exits stream module. see example:./streamPlugins/streamIconv.js
  4. add stream to routers by order. request.addRouter();
  5. usage example: ./test/requestTest.js


  • Improve interface and fix bugs.
  • Refactor and improve documents.
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