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hardware files for o_C quad 16 bit CV generator/processor

.fpd files

  • .fpd (= front panel express).
  • .svg (= same thing, exported from frontDesign).
  • /fpd_nearlyghost: .fpd, w/ graphics by nearly_ghost


  • rev 2.e
  • (rev 2.c, 2.d are basically identical)

... gerbers for:

  • o_C main pcb
  • SSD1306 / SH1106 OLED carrier pcb


  • as far as panel layouts go, we'd recommend keeping it 'generic'. using labels is unlikely to convey much useful information, because the role of the various in- and outputs (naturally) varies quite a bit across the various 'apps':


  • yellow: trigger/clock inputs; grey: CV inputs; black: CV outputs.