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How To Build A #BADA55 NodeJS Dev Environment

A Presentation by Derick Bailey.

Abstract Things

Everything old is new again! The command line, batch processing, vim... we're circling our own history, coming back to the time when a development environment was little more than a text editor and some command line tools. And why not? The IDEs of today are gigantic, monolithic systems that can easily lock you in instead of opening up new roads like they should.

But I've got a secret for you: there's no need for a bloated IDE taking up gigs of memory! You don't need a $500 software package that doesn't even come with tech support. We only need a text editor, a terminal window and the "npm" command line.

Join Derick Bailey as he shows you how to build your own #BADA55 development environment for NodeJS applications. Run unit tests. Bundle browserify code. Concat and minify CSS. Then, refresh your browser without having to hit the "refresh" button, and more! You'll see how a text editor combined with NodeJS, Nodemon, Grunt, and a handful of command line tools can easily replace that stodgy, cumbersome IDE with something infinitely more flexible and customizable.

The Individual Screencasts

The content of this presentation is largely available and inspired by the series of tooling videos that I created for my WatchMeCode screencast series. If you'd like to see more detail about any individual tool that I show in this presentation, please head over to and check out the videos.

I also have a special offer for Nodevember attendees. Head over to and check out a few free episodes! But hurry, these episodes are only free until November 30th!

Legal Mumbo? Yes. Jumbo? No.

Copyright ©2014 Muted Solutions, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Unless otherwise noted, everything in this presentation is distributable / reusable under MIT license.


How to build your own #BADA55 NodeJS development environment



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