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Awesome Playwright Awesome

A curated list of awesome tools, utils and projects using Playwright

Playwright is a Node.js library to automate Firefox, WebKit and Chromium based browsers via a single API.



Language Support


  • automated-Playwright-UI-tests - Auto-generated, run & maintained with AI-assisted test case discovery.
  • Ask Playwright - Accurate answers to Playwright questions provided by LLM trained on the latest Playwright documentation.
  • Try Playwright - Interactive playground for running Playwright tests.
  • playwright-fluent - Fluent API Wrapper around Playwright.
  • TestingBot - Connect your Playwright tests with browsers in the Cloud.
  • expect-playwright - Expect utility matcher functions to simplify expect statements for the usage with Playwright Test or Jest Playwright.
  • eslint-plugin-playwright - ESLint plugin for your Playwright testing needs.
  • Moon - Tools for executing Playwright tests in parallel in a Kubernetes cluster.
  • playwright-test-coverage - Plugin to collect code coverage from running Playwright tests.
  • Playwright Test for VSCode - Official Playwright test extension for VS Code.
  • Maestro for IntelliJ - Playwright plugin for IntelliJ.
  • playwright-elements - Playwright test extension for creatation of reusable components with ability to add child elements, methods and call them in chain. Reduce amount of your code in page object, or even use elements without page object.
  • Playwright-cleanup - A Playwright cleanup tool that simplifies test cleanup by undoing any changes to the testing environment.
  • Playwright-performance - A plugin that helps you optimize the speed and efficiency of web applications by measuring and analyzing the performance of ANY tested flow using Playwright.
  • playwright-python-language-injection - Language injection definitions for CSS/JS syntax highlighting when using python-playwright in PyCharm.
  • playwright-ui5 - Custom selector engine for sapui5.
  • playwright-xpath - Custom selector engine for xpath 2 and 3.
  • ZeroStep - AI actions and assertions for Playwright.
  • POMWright - POMWright is a TypeScript-based framework designed for creating and maintaining Page Object Models. It streamlines locator management by automatically generating nested/chained locators from flat and atomic locator structures which can be dynamically updated throughout tests. This significantly reduces code duplication and makes tests easier to read, write, and maintain.


  • playwright-tesults-reporter - A library for uploading test results to Tesults from Playwright.
  • monocart-reporter - A playwright test reporter, shows suites/cases/steps in html grid.
  • allure-playwright - Allure integration with Playwright Test framework.
  • playwright-xray - Playwright Xray Reporter, send test executions to Jira / Xray.
  • testomatio-reporter - Runs and sends test executions to the TCMS testomatio, Jira / Linear / Azure DevOps task management.
  • currents-dev - A Cloud Dashboard to debug, troubleshoot and analyze parallel Playwright CI tests.
  • qase - Playwright Qase Reporter, send test executions to qase.
  • echoed - Makes tests observable by visualizing OpenTelemetry data in HTML.
  • playwright-slack-report - Publish your Playwright test results to your favorite Slack channel(s).


  • Demo.Playwright - Various testing scenarios with Playwright, using the official test-runner and scripts authored in TypeScript.
  • playwright-jest-examples - Examples of the Jest Playwright tools in combination to test popular sites.
  • VS Code - Playwright is used to run cross-browser tests on their web builds.
  • TypeScript - Playwright is used test typescript.js across browsers.
  • Elastic APM JS agent - Playwright is used to run benchmark tests across browsers.
  • Blockstack - Playwright is used to run cross-browser UI tests.
  • xterm.js - Playwright is used to run cross-browser integration tests.
  • Heroku Playwright Example - Example using Playwright on Heroku.
  • Todo App with Playwright - Comprehensive Todo app with APIs, E2E tests with GitHub Actions enabled.


  • - Practical guides and runnable examples on Playwright (and Puppeteer).
  • - Curated Selection of Playwright Automated Test Problems and Solutions.
  • - Learn how to write acceptance tests in business language using Playwright and the Serenity/JS Screenplay Pattern.


Contributions welcome! Read the contribution guidelines first.