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<cffunction name="toStructs" returnType="struct" hint="Given a TestResult XML string, converts it to a structure. Obsolete?">
<cfargument name="xml" required="true" type="String">
<cfset var s = StructNew()>
<cfset var xmltext = trim(arguments.xml)>
<cfset var xmldoc = "">
<cfset var i = "">
<cfset var a_tests = ArrayNew(1)>
<cfset var componentName = "">
<cfset var testName = "">
<cfset var tc = ArrayNew(1)>
<cfset var child = 1>
<cfset xmldoc = XMLParse(xmltext)>
<cfset a_tests = xmlsearch(xmldoc,"test_results/test_case")>
<cfloop from="1" to="#ArrayLen(a_tests)#" index="i">
<cfset componentName = a_tests[i].xmlattributes.component>
<cfset testName = a_tests[i].xmlattributes.testname>
<cfif not StructKeyExists(s,componentName)>
<cfset s[componentName] = StructNew()>
<cfset s[componentName][testName] = StructNew()>
<cfset s[componentName][testName].result = a_tests[i].results.message.xmltext>
<cfset s[componentName][testName].message = a_tests[i].results.details.xmltext>
<cfif StructKeyExists(a_tests[i],"trace")>
<cfset s[componentName][testName].output = a_tests[i].trace.message.xmltext>
<cfset s[componentName][testName].output = "">
<!--- add any exceptions --->
<cfif StructKeyExists(a_tests[i].results,"tagcontext")>
<cfset tc = ArrayNew(1)>
<!--- <cfdump var="#a_tests[i].results.tagcontext.xmlchildren#"><cfabort> --->
<cfloop from="1" to="#ArrayLen(a_tests[i].results.tagcontext.xmlchildren)#" index="child">
<cfset tc[child] = StructNew()>
<cfset tc[child].file = a_tests[i].results.tagcontext.xmlchildren[child].file.xmltext>
<cfset tc[child].line = a_tests[i].results.tagcontext.xmlchildren[child].line.xmltext>
<cfset s[componentName][testName].tagcontext = tc>
<cfset s[componentName][testName].exception = a_tests[i].results.exception.xmltext>
<cfreturn s>
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