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<cfparam name="url.print_js_resources" type="boolean" default="true" />
<cfparam name="url.toggledebug" type="boolean" default="true" />
<cfinclude template="resources/theme/header.cfm" />
<cfset cfMajorVersion = listFirst(server.coldfusion.productversion, ",.") />
<cfset cfEngine = server.coldfusion.productname />
<!--- Check what engine --->
<cfif find("BlueDragon", cfEngine)>
<cfset cfEngine = 'Blue Dragon' />
<cfelseif cfEngine NEQ 'Railo'>
<cfset cfEngine = 'ColdFusion' />
<!--- Check for older CF Versions --->
<cfif cfEngine EQ 'ColdFusion' AND cfMajorVersion lt 7>
<cfthrow type="mxunit.exception.UnsupportedCFVersionException">
<h2>Welcome, <cfoutput>#cfEngine#</cfoutput> User!</h2>
<div style="font-size:1.25em;color:#01010;text-decoration:italic">
Below is a simple test suite to verify your installation. Note that there are
intentional failures and errors so you can see what they're supposed to look like.
<p><hr color="#eaeaea" noshade="true" size="1" /></p>
<cfset testCase = '<cfcomponent displayname="MxunitInstallVerificationTest" extends="mxunit.framework.TestCase">
<cffunction name="testThis" >
<cfset assertEquals("this","this") />
<cffunction name="testThat" >
<cfset assertEquals("this","that", "This is an intentional failure so you see what it looks like") />
<cffunction name="testSomething" >
<cfset a = arrayNew(1)>
<cfset a[1] = "some debug traces" />
<cfset debug(a) />
<cfset assertEquals(1,1) />
<cffunction name="testSomethingElse">
<cfset assertTrue(true) />
<cffunction name="testIntentionalError">
<cfset foo = bar />
</cfcomponent>' />
<cffile action="write" file="#context#MXUnitInstallTest.cfc" output="#testCase#" />
<cfset testSuitePath = 'mxunit.framework.TestSuite' />
<cfset testSuite = createObject("component", testSuitePath).TestSuite() />
<cfset installTest = createObject("component", "mxunit.MXUnitInstallTest") />
<cfset installTestMetaData = getMetadata(installTest) />
<cfset testSuite.addAll("MXUnitInstallTest", installTest) />
<cfset results = testSuite.run() />
<cfcatch type="mxunit.exception.UnsupportedCFVersionException">
<h2 class="error">Unsupported Version</h2>
This installation verification page does not support your verion of ColdFusion
The MXUnit framework was likely installed
with success and can be used with the Eclipse
Plug-in, but <em>this page</em> was designed
for CFMX7 and later.
<cfcatch type="any">
<h2 class="error">Ooops!</h2>
There was a problem with running the <strong>installation test</strong>.
The installation might be fine. Try to run the <a href="samples/samples.cfm">samples</a>. If it still
doesn't work, <a href="http://groups.google.com/group/mxunit/">drop us a note</a>. We'll make sure you can get set up!
<ul class="error">
<strong>Type:</strong><br />
<strong>Message:</strong><br />
<strong>Detail:</strong><br />
If the error is from not having write permissions most of the framework
should still function. Some features will not function, such as
making private functions public for testing.
Also, make sure you or CFML engine has write access to this directory
in order to run this installation test.
<cfinclude template="resources/theme/footer.cfm" />