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{tip}You can get the latest stable version of MXUnit here:

You can get the latest nightly build here:

You can get the latest version of the Eclipse plugin by pointing at this update site: [[]


Framework \-\- 2.1.1 \-\- January 17, 2012


  • “OrderedTests” TestDecorator
  • You can now pass “mxunit_root” (a web path) to getHTMLResults()
  • CF7 Compat fixes

Special thanks to Ryan Anklam for the Test Ordering, Andrea Campolonghi for mxunit_root override, and Bob Chesley for CF7 compat fixes

Framework \-\- 2.1 \-\- November 12, 2011


  • TestDecorators
  • Array, Query, and Structure deep comparison in assertEquals()
  • Improved Test Ordering

Special thanks to Mark Mandel, Ryan Anklam, and Tim and John Farrar

Framework \-\- 2.0.3 \-\- May 5, 2011


  • User-contributed “assertEqualsWithTolerance()” function which adds a tolerance parameter to equality assertions
  • Updated samples/build.xml with hints for using with Jenkins
  • Updated mxunit-ant.jar to log the entire html response to the console if the test run bombs (i.e. 500 error)

Framework \-\- 2.0.2 \-\- November 19, 2010


  • added restoreMethod() for undoing method overwrites from injectMethod(). This is particularly useful when using ColdSpring-managed objects in your tests. Inspired by [this post|]] 
  • HTML Result tweaks… mostly code cleanup. Also, no need to specify a result type any longer as it defaults to the new HTML output introduced in MXUnit 2.0

Bug Fixes

  • User-supplied patch to JUnitXMLTestResult to properly encode “special characters”. Thanks\!

Framework \-\- 2.0.1


  • debug() and request.debug() now support all attributes of cfdump. For example, you can now do: debug(var=mystruct, top=5, label=“some label”); This is particularly important when debugging ORM objects
  • Assertion isTypeOf() now considers interfaces

Bug Fixes

  • Core features should now be CF7 compatible.
  • MightyMock behavioral inconsistency on CF8 fixed
  • Components with output=true have been turned to output=false where appropriate. This important fix addresses a memory condition in MightyMock on Adobe ColdFusion

Backwards Compatibility

  • debug() will be backwards compatible IF for calls not using named arguments
  • debug() will now fail if the old (removed) “debugdata” argument was passed like so: debug(debugdata=someStruct); to fix, either change debugdata to “var” or remove the named argument



Eclipse Plugin \-\- 1.4.4 \-\- January 15, 2012

  • Added ability to turn off automatic alphabetical ordering of test methods. When disabled, the tests will be ordered in the tree in the order specified by the server

Eclipse Plugin \-\- 1.4.1 \-\- March 23, 2011

  • Added “Run MXUnit Tests” to the “Run As” menu. Default keybinding is alt-shift-x, m (you can change that in preferences)
  • Added support for opening files from the “Tag Context” panel when those files are not in projects, i.e. opens from the file system.
  • Thanks Denny for these contributions\!