Prolog English language DCG for producing X-bar syntax trees and ontologically promiscuous semantics.
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Reibar is a Prolog DCG and Ruby wrapper for generating X-bar theory syntax trees and ontologically promiscuous semantic representations. It was begun as a project for Harvard's computational linguistics course, CS 187, taught by Stuart Shieber in 2013. The initial import is of a basic grammar implemented as a homework assignment, based on the PNLA text. Little of the course code remains, save for the lambda notation, the file, and the design inspiration.

This is a just-for-fun project, but to drive it forward, it comes with a few real goals:

  • Support all of the syntax taught in an intro syntax course, say, Harvard's Ling 102.
  • Support all the syntax covered in this textbook.
  • Allow basic sentence queries, e.g., "What did Max do?" for "Max went to the store with his friend."