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IMPORTANT: This package is deprecated! It apparently broke following changes to the pangloss/vim-javascript JavaScript syntax package circa early 2019. As someone who has (perhaps surprisingly) never written a single line of JSX or React code except to test this package, I don't closely track breaking changes like these, hence the (lamentable) inactivity in this repo.

Fortunately, the community seems to have settled on MaxMEllon/vim-jsx-pretty as the syntax package of choice for up-to-date JSX support. If you're not writing exclusively pre-2019 JavaScript with pre-2019 tooling, consider switching over to that package.

Thanks for following along here, and I hope this package was useful to folks in the years since React first debuted.

If things change and this package becomes actively maintained again, I'll be sure to update this note.


Syntax highlighting and indenting for JSX. JSX is a JavaScript syntax transformer which translates inline XML document fragments into JavaScript objects. It was developed by Facebook alongside React.

vim-jsx is not a JavaScript syntax package, so in order to use it, you will also need to choose a base JS highlighter. pangloss/vim-javascript is the recommended package---it is vim-jsx's "official" dependency, and the only package against which it is regularly tested. However, vim-jsx makes a best effort to support other JavaScript syntax packages, including:

  • pangloss/vim-javascript
  • jelera/vim-javascript-syntax
  • othree/yajs

Notably, the system vim JavaScript syntax is not supported, due to its over-simplicity. However, the system XML syntax package is an implicit dependency.

Vim support for inline XML in JS is remarkably similar to the same for PHP, which you can find here.


If you're experiencing incorrect highlighting or indenting in your JSX code, please file a GitHub issue which includes the following:

  • A brief affirmation that you've read the README and have installed one of the supported dependencies (and the name of the one you're using).

  • A minimal ~/.vimrc which repros the issue you're having, as well as both a paste and a screenshot of the issue (a paste alone is insufficient, since it doesn't illustrate the specific highlighting or indenting problem). To obtain a minimal ~/.vimrc, simply bisect your ~/.vimrc by adding finish at various points in the file. (You can likewise bisect your included plugins by selectively including only half of them, then a quarter, etc.).

Most of the issues filed result from failures to install vim-javascript or conflicts with existing JS syntax or indent files---so failing to indicate that you've ruled those issues out may result in your issue being closed with minimal comment.

(Please feel free to disregard all this for feature requests.)


By default, JSX syntax highlighting and indenting will be enabled for files with the .js and .jsx extension. If you would like JSX only in .jsx files, add

let g:jsx_ext_required = 1

to your .vimrc or somewhere in your include path. If you wish to restrict JSX to files with the pre-v0.12 @jsx React.DOM pragma, add

let g:jsx_pragma_required = 1

to your .vimrc or somewhere in your include path.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How come syntax highlighting doesn't work at all?

This is the only question I'll answer with another question---Which do you think is more likely: (a) this package fails completely and utterly in serving its most fundamental purpose, or (b) user error?

  • Why are my end tags colored differently than my start tags?

vim-jsx is basically the glue that holds JavaScript and XML syntax packages together in blissful harmony. This means that any XML syntax defaults carry over to the XML portions of vim, and it's common for many colorschemes to highlight start and end tags differently due to the system XML syntax defaults.

  • Syntax highlighting seems to work, but breaks highlighting and indenting further down in the file. What's wrong?

This often results from trying to enable XML folding in one's ~/.vimrc (i.e., via let g:xml_syntax_folding = 1). vim-jsx does not support syntax folding, and is not tested with either JavaScript or XML folding enabled.



The recommended installation method is via Pathogen. Then simply execute

git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vim-jsx

(You can install vim-javascript in an analogous manner.)


You can also add vim-jsx using Vundle---just add the following lines to your ~/.vimrc:

Plugin 'pangloss/vim-javascript'
Plugin 'mxw/vim-jsx'

To install from within vim, use the commands below.

:so ~/.vimrc

Alternatively, use the command below to install the plugins from the command line.

vim +PluginInstall +qall

Manual Installation

If you have no ~/.vim/after directory, you can download the tarball or zip and copy the contents to ~/.vim.

If you have existing ~/.vim/after files, copy the syntax and indent files directly into their respective destinations. If you have existing after syntax or indent files for Javascript, you'll probably want to do something like

mkdir -p ~/.vim/after/syntax/javascript
cp path/to/vim-jsx/after/syntax/jsx.vim ~/.vim/after/syntax/javascript/jsx.vim
mkdir -p ~/.vim/after/indent/javascript
cp path/to/vim-jsx/after/indent/jsx.vim ~/.vim/after/indent/javascript/jsx.vim


React JSX syntax highlighting and indenting for vim.






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