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Import List Build Status

Import List is an open-source extension for Moneydance® monitoring a given directory for transaction files to import. For more information on where to download and how to install the extension please visit the project page.

Build Prerequisites

  • Java Development Kit, version 7
  • Apache Ant™, version 1.7 or newer

Building the extension

  1. git clone creates a copy of the repository.
  2. ant dist produces the distributable.

Signing the extension

  1. ant genkeys generates a passphrase-protected key pair.
  2. ant sign signs the extension.

Running the extension

After the build process has succeeded, the resulting extension file target/importlist.mxt can be added to Moneydance®.



Copyright 2011-2016 Florian J. Breunig. Import List is released under the GNU General Public License.