Better random numbers for NodeJS
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Javascripts Math.random is not very random. This library attempts to use the NodeJS crypto library to generate random numbers more randomly. Additionally, getting a random int inside of a range does not use modulo in order to provide a more evenly distrubuted set of numbers.

For why using modulo to find the int for a range is bad see here(


According to ent the entropy of Node's Math.random is 3.304235. Using this module the entropy is 3.451241. I am not able to determine how much this is but atleast secure_random is better. If anyone has ideas to improve the code or how to test it those would be greatly appreciated.


npm install secure_random


git clone


var random = require('./random');

// Just get random data to use as you wish
random.getRandomInt(function(err, value) {
   // This value will be between 0 and MAX_INT where MAX_INT is a 32bit value
   console.log("Look ma I got some entropy", value);

// Get a random int between to values
random.getRandomInt(10, 100, function(err, value) {
   // The value will between 10-100
   console.log("Look ma I got some entropy", value);